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EDISON, NJ 08818

Jfk Medical Ctr - Anthony M. Yelencsics Community is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Middlesex County, NJ.

Jfk Medical Ctr - Anthony M. Yelencsics Community does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jfk Medical Ctr - Anthony M. Yelencsics Community is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! I am extremely lived at how a simple request for my dad's medical record could turn into a fiasco. First they tell us that we need to send a fax to them in order to request his medical records which includes his info and signature. We did just that but later learned that they couldn't fax it to the doctor whom we'd like the medical records sent to because of some privacy issue. Umm..Okay, so then we asked what can be done? They said they'll mail it to us, meanwhile we needed his records for the next day. So that didn't work. Another option was to pick them up but where we are is not that convenient to go since we're more up north, hence why we requested to get his records faxed over. We were hitting a wall there and at that point it was getting frustrating to deal with. So we asked my dad's doctors office what can be done. They suggested that we have them fax over his request on his behalf, in which they did. However, we weren't aware that there was a typo on the request form where the fax number to send to was off by a number. The office manager from the doctor's office fought with the folks at the hospital who handled the fax/records. They kept arguing the fax number is off and wouldn't release his records. I mean COME ON ALREADY!! The office manager from the doctor's office has already confirmed the fax number is wrong and is trying to have it corrected just so they could send his records over. But still they wouldn't release them. So at the end we never got his records unless we corrected the request form and resend the fax over again. Unfortunately, we would still need to do that just to get them. But at that point it was too late because my dad had to go to the cardiologist appointment as a follow up after he was hospitalized for a heart attack. Luckily, the office was willing to take him despite not having all his records on hand. Overall, our experience with the JFK hospital could've been good, but instead we were mortified knowing how incompetent they are with a small job like that. And not to mention the surgeon who operated on him was extremely rude and asked us why we were asking some many questions after his Pacemaker surgery. I mean who does that??? The only thing that was good out of this whole thing is the fact that my dad was close to a hospital when he had the heart attack. Also worth noting were some of the nurses who were very helpful. MY ADVICE: only go to this hospital if you are in desperate need of medical attention. Otherwise, find another place to go. (a week ago)

Worse experience ever. For Pediatrics is has been better but for Adults, the worse. I waited 2 and half hours in the waiting area and never got called in. I was in pain for a possible blood clot, they did blood work right in the waiting area, but i never heard a thing from anyone. In pain, i had to go to Another hospital and the whole process was less than the time i waited there and was never seen. Rediculous wait. The waiting area was not even as full as i have seen in other hospitals and double or triple the wait time. If i ever got inside, i can only imagine how many more hours i would have had to wait. Worse place ever. New inside but service sucks. If you're dieing DO NOT COME HERE. SURE DEATH IN WAITING. (3 weeks ago)

This hospital really exceeded my expectations. They have the best doctors and nurses staff here specially in labor and delivery department. I absolutely love how they treat me and made me feel comfortable. They really take care of you with sincerity. (2 months ago)

Have beem waiting for 3 hours for a UTI infection. Absolutely ridiculous. As if we don't have kids and jobs in the morning. It is completely unacceptable and will drive the extra time and distance to go to another more reliable hospital next time. Got treated as if we were just bodies and felt NO sense of urgency from the staff for ANY of the patients. The staff here clearly is in their own bubble world and has no consideration for the patients. The gentleman next door had to wait 2 hours to get an x-ray. Do not come here! Take your health matters to a more caring facility. You would think they took on this career to help people, but it's all about money (a month ago)

Too many times people just love to share negative experiences but not compliment good service. My mother came in with a stroke and was treated well. *After I left this review earlier at a 5, a nursing assistant on 3North dayshift, who was nice to me, treated my mom roughly. I left during a bowel movement and she told me a little later that the aid pretty much manhandled her. I heard her moaning very loud but figured it was ok because she was in pain before the woman came in. She said that this brown haired nurse took her frustrations out on her. By the sounds, it might have been true.* Overall, it was a great experience. As with any hospital or facility, a patient that has family there showing concern, always is a good idea. We are all human and have good/bad days. I have to say that almost all of the staff here were very pleasant. One nurse in the CCU was very rude to this family that has been here for 2 weeks without leaving. The one son finally put her in her place. The facility looks top notch to me. My mother was in the ICU unit and even though this is a hospital that has a lot of trainees, if that's the right word, they were knowledgeable and caring. Some nurses really stood out once she was transferred to a regular stroke room. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention names, so I will refrain. I wanted to thank the staff for their great work and show of compassion. Snapped a quick pic to show we are really here.๐ŸŒž (a month ago)

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