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JFK Medical Center is a full-service, emergency care hospital specializing in women's health and cardiac care services in Atlantis/Miami, FL.

Jfk Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Palm Beach County, FL.

Jfk Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jfk Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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People usually only leave bad experiences so I wanted to relay our good experience. The nurses and staff were very caring and helpful. Clean facility. Food meh. Care is most important for my mom who had a fractured hip and delirium from surgery. They were very caring. (a month ago)

Aside from the terrible experience I had with my mother. My grandmother was transmitted into the hospital a couple weeks ago complaining she couldn’t breathe. One test was given at the beginning of her stay with a chest X-ray, blood transfusion and monitoring the rest of the week. The doctor came in and said she was leaving which my grandmother responding with, “no, I can’t breathe”. His reply was that she could stay one more day, but she’d have to leave the next day and receive physical therapy at home. She returned two days later to the ER with pneumonia and sepsis. Possibly if Dr Ismat Hossain-MD ran the proper tests to figure out why his passiant couldn’t breathe, she wouldn’t be dying. Thank you for the negligence. One of the worst hospitals I have ever experienced. My mother is currently there, and I have seen mostly nurses and doctors (not all) who could care less about the patient. This the second time in the last year my mother has been treated like a disposable napkin. My mother was moved out of ICU into a unit where I walked down empty hallways. Two days later she was moved back down to ICU due to a doctor stating she was not ready to be moved out. Are you guys not reading all of the same complaints about your hospital? How would you like to be treated, or your loved ones to be treated like this? Not enough staff, and incapable of getting a complete answer from someone. Last straw was finding my mother in a bed of old feces, and a catheter which was not strapped to her leg and cause trauma to her bladder from moving around. I visited her the next day after they moved her, and saw her bag filled with blood, and guess what? The nurse blamed it on the patient. My mother can not bend, nor be mobile on her own. You need to invest in a better staff, and possibly staff who will care of the patients as if they were their own loved ones. Also, some of the older nurses have such a nasty jaded attitude towards any questions asked. You chose to have a career in the medical field, and the territory of having to answer to concerned family should've been expected. Maybe getting someone in there to clean house should be evaluated as soon as possible. (a week ago)

Had out pt surgery 1/25. Have been trying to straighten out my bill for over a month. Keep being told a request has been sent to the billing dept. My insurance paid the bill in Feb and now jfk is trying to bill me over $2200. Isn't this insurance fraud? Wanted to warn others, check your bill or they will charge you when tbey have already been paid!!! (3 weeks ago)

Was there in 2007 for two weeks.. I was taken good care of.. That's for the second star or else it would have been one.. Recently in 2016 I had to deal with my mother that had a terminal illness (Cancer). They were discharging her when she needed 24 hour care, and could not walk and facilitate her needs on her own, even when she fell in the bathroom on her butt while two nurses were trying to hold her up, they were still in the process of discharging her during that. While me and the my family had to fight with the charge nurse or floor manager on that floor. I was even threaten to have the cops called on me when I told them I will not be coming if you discharge her.. It was an awful experience, and made it harder on all of us dealing with her illness.. Most of the staff there are from Haiti. Can't say they have a diverse staff there.. Most of them are rude, they don't want to do their job nor do they seem happy or even have any kind of personality.. I would not recommend this hospital as long as it's in this state.. I've had a few other friends that went there recently who had the same issues with being discharged when they should not have been, and ended up right back there days later.. Sounds like corporate greed is going on.. Stay away from here.. (a month ago)

More than two years ago I got real sick EMS took me to JFK Medical center in Atlantis, Florida. They put Foley catheter into me than work on me. Doctor name was Dr. Muhletaler. It save my life at that time. That being said. The doctor or the nurse did not remove my Foley catheter. NO need for inpatient further urologic care, remove the Foley per primary team. Even if the doctors could get it out, I do not know if I could empty my bladder today. Why did the doctors and nurses forget to remove it?? This is why I'm unhappy JFK Medical center. (2 weeks ago)

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