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About Us, Jersey City Medical Center provides for the region's every health need, from high tech infant care or adult surgery, to in hospital rehabilitation.

Jersey City Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hudson County, NJ.

Jersey City Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jersey City Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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By FAR The worst hospital anyone can every go to, you will be waiting for hours you will literally be dying and they will not see you. The doctors and nurses have the worst attitudes instead of comforting you they speak to as though you are below them. I was recently here with my niece because she cut her head with a dirty nail from under our stairs and they took forever to see her because it WAS NOT that serious mind you the first that should have been done was clean the cut not let it sit it is common sense. Also I went to speak to a nurse and she gave me attitude instead of giving me the information i needed. Do not step foot in here. (3 weeks ago)

I wasn’t feeling well while at work! Called the ER and spoke to nurse supervisor Michelle who was very polite and helpful! The staff in the ER were wonderful and kind! The doctors did all the tests necessary and answered all the questions I had! As a healthcare professional myself I was pleased with the care I received in the ER, radiology and 5 East! JCMC staff you rock! Keep up the great work! Thank You for all that you do! (a month ago)

My son-in-law was brought to the ER by the paramedics. The staff acted promptly and were very thorough. Necessary tests and labs were done quickly. The doctors were excellent.The care on admission was also very good. A nurse even made a follow-up appointment for him. (2 months ago)

Don’t go and stay away!!!No wonder why this fup place have such a low rating. A terrible and incompetent careless staff. FYI I am a nurse myself!!!! I was in last night with a terrible pain I wasn’t seen by a doctor for over an hour and half. They put me on a bed with no guide or information what I was supposed to do. A bunch of incompetent careless kids running the ER was like a joke. Unless you voice your concern and ask for someone just be ready to wait and suffer until they’re ready for you because there were too consumed and busy eating, drinking coffee, gossiping about patients and laughing about it, and planning they summer vacation to Europe and tonight “magnet” party. DISGUSTING! Towards the end of the shift the energy and excitement of shift ending hours escalated. More laughing and taking to each other from across the ER desk with new comers employees of the 7am shift. All they care is themselves and money. They discharged me without asking if I needed help with a wheelchair. I left the ER with pain. No one came to ask if I was feeling better. The doctor when approached her about a question she then remember to ask me how I felt. They didn’t explain anything to me just gave me the discharge papers and prescriptions. Which weren’t complete. The nurse was careless from moment one. The radiologist when asked about my pain and issue, he had no idea why he was giving me X-ray. And finally the phlebotomist couldn’t find my vein which was so visible and clear but was too dumb to realize she was in front of the light. Incompetence in just every department. NEVER AGAIN (a week ago)

My daughter has been at the maternity floor for 1 month and 1/2 and the nurses and the rest of staff regardless what their job is has been the best. I really appreciate their care. Albina,Keilyn and staff Thank you. (2 months ago)

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