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About Us, Jersey City Medical Center provides for the region's every health need, from high tech infant care or adult surgery, to in hospital rehabilitation.

Jersey City Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hudson County, NJ.

Jersey City Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jersey City Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If you like to feel insignificant and like you are another $ than this is the hospital for you! I have been to multiple hospitals in NJ (I've worked with elderly people) but never to a hospital with such a mean, heartless, & angry medical staff. My father in law is in a coma. Our family is heart broken and at a loss for words. Tears every minute. I have not asked them for updates to avoid making them relive the trauma. As my mother in law was crying, all choked up, she asked the nurse to please explain the situation to me. The nurses name is Melissa (Asian Decent). She give as a HUGE attitude. I quote “You have a big family and we have told this story multiple times. It’s not out job to keep repeating ourselves. You can ask someone in your family when they calm down.” In general she is on edge and extremely defensive (has been on various occasions with other families). We understand a nurses job is tough but we have not been difficult. We are not asking for fairy tales, simply clear & kind communication. The other nurses I encountered were just as heartless except for Alena (Caucasian decent). My father in law has fungus on his toes that was left unnoticed and untreated until we asked if we could bring our own cream and treat it. Information is conflicting from staff to staff. We understand that there isn’t much that can be done for him, other than waiting and praying. But we are paying to have him here and his stay should not be treated as a nuisance. It is in this hospitals best interest to replace these nurses and welcome new ones who are qualified medically and are emotionally stable. I rarely leave negative reviews but this was well deserved. (a month ago)

First thing they do is ask for your credit card for you to pay BEFORE any service is performed. In my case, I paid the whopping amount of $646 (!!!) WITH health insurance and service was NOT performed, went to ER with a deeply clogged ear with water (clogged over a week from water skiing), waited over an hour, and after all this was only given paper “instructions” by the nurse (not the doctor) and a prescription for tablet behind-the-counter medicine !!! I had the same problem a few years ago and the other hospital I went to drained my ear with the proper equipment resolving my issue on the spot. I complained immediately and asked for drainage, staff denied. Now I still have a badly clogged ear (going to a real doctor on Thursday after the holiday) and will now need to fight for my money back since ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done for me (NO service performed at all). Stay away if you can. These people seem to care only about $, and took advantage of me. I will not let this go easily and will get my money back! (2 weeks ago)

If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would. They had my little sister sitting in a hall way in the emergency room for hours in excruciating pain crying with appendicitis while they had open beds and rooms right next to us and they wouldn’t let her lay down. The nurses were of no help and ignored us. When they did speak to us they were rude and gave us absolutely no information. This is the most horribly managed hospital I have ever been to in my life, they treat their patients like utter trash. If you have an emergency DO NOT COME HERE. They ignore you and are of no help what so ever! You could be dying and they just leave you there. We have insurance it’s not like we’re gettig this for free. (3 weeks ago)

By FAR The worst hospital anyone can every go to, you will be waiting for hours you will literally be dying and they will not see you. The doctors and nurses have the worst attitudes instead of comforting you they speak to as though you are below them. I was recently here with my niece because she cut her head with a dirty nail from under our stairs and they took forever to see her because it WAS NOT that serious mind you the first that should have been done was clean the cut not let it sit it is common sense. Also I went to speak to a nurse and she gave me attitude instead of giving me the information i needed. Do not step foot in here. (2 months ago)

I’ll tell you this. This hospital does amazing work and I like how they care for their patients. However, I feel like the ladies at the front on the first floor, you know, once you walk in you see them. They seem unprofessional especially one of them, who was a little rude. I asked her where they bring in lost and found things because I actually lost an umbrella and I told her that I think I left it in the shuttle but she’s like, “They’ll give it to us when they find it” but my work was temporary & it was right on my last day when this happened. So, when I went to the front desk the 2nd time, I didn’t see the same lady & I was going to ask the other worker where the shuttles are because I think I left my umbrella there & plus, it was my last day but all of a sudden, the same lady I talked to earlier, jumped in, interrupted me & said, “I told you they’ll give it to us if they find it.” I said, “I was going to ask her where the shuttles are because I think I left it there” then she was rolling her eyes so I walked away. Honestly, the hospital is supposed to have good character and be helpful & some other workers there say that, too but from this experience, I didn’t see it. Their job is very professional but they don’t suit that job. One time, one of them stopped, me by the door cuz she thought I was a patient or someone so I showed her my department id. One time, they didn’t handle the pku correctly. Truthfully, this whole thing happened last summer but I feel that this should be posted on here (a week ago)

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