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JEANES HOSPITAL SOPHISTICATED CARE. PERSONAL TOUCH. For over 85 years, Jeanes Hospital has combined excellence in health care with a compassionate, personal touch.

Jeanes Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Philadelphia County, PA.

Jeanes Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jeanes Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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So my grandfather was here for about a week due to something that bit him and spread throughout his body. One night I came to visit him and he was in his room awake with no light no tv no nothing I asked him if he needed anything he told me he was hungry and that his body was irritated so I went to ask a nurse to get him something to eat and to put a cream on his body he could sleep because his body was very itchy. While walking up to the nurse they were all playing around and talking unprofessionally and I stood directly in front of them and no one assist me I’m baffled by the way they acted i went to ask a doctor walking the hallway for help but all he said was he wasn’t my grandfathers doctor that I had to look for nurse okay so I went and ask the same nurse and she so rudely tells me she can’t put the itch cream on my grandfather because she not allowed okay so what is your job here in this hospital? Aren’t you here to assist your patients with minor Illness and major Illness? So she basically looked at him like he was disgusting And gave me the cream and told I could do it! Okay I have no problem doing it but this isn’t my job that’s what the hospital pays you for?! So you work night shift and can’t follow through with your duties? Oh no I forgot night shift means talk to your workers like if you guys are hanging out! So I go put my garment on before I go in the room And put the cream all over his body he said thank god I came because no one would’ve help him he would’ve never fell asleep like that. i I’m a cna I work at a home care agency and I’m passionate about helping others just the thought that I’ve helped them and to see that there satisfied shows why I love my job. Jeanes hospital needs to rehire people who love there job with HELPING OTHERS and that TAKE THERE JOBS SERIOUS! (2 weeks ago)

Never had problems here! Nurses are straight forward & come off rude but born & raised in Philly...I am used to it & give it right back like a true Philadelphian! Campus is great to take walks in. Beautiful scenery... (4 weeks ago)

Worst Hospital ever. When a Dr tells the Family a Love one has Cancer, and within 48 hrs later to then say they aren't sure about Cancer, is the worst thing to ever go through Mentally and Physically. Every Dr has something different to say down to the Nurses. What is suppose to be Confidential, Nurses repeat back to the Patient when Family leaves. To have your Love one hysterical crying. To be in there close to two weeks and she isn't able to walk well, the Nurses have not even tried to wash her off. First time I have ever dealt with this Hospital and it will be the last. (2 months ago)

Bad and nightmare experience in Jeanes Hospital for mammography services. I am writing this terrible experience for the Technician services on mammography at 6/9/18. It make me was two night can’t sleep. If I could never go to mammography services at that day, I would. I was with my mother going to this service, the Technician asked me: your mother speak English, I said no, that’s why I am here for translate. The Technician said: I need call phone interpreter, I said ok. Then she with my mother going to the mammography room, I follow them, the Technician stop me said you waiting outside, I was setting outside to wait about 50min,(10:35am to 11:25am). After 50min the Technician open the door, (I believe the mammography is done) But the nightmare was start, do you know after I waiting 50min, the Technician open the door and said the first word is: “your mother choose the phone interpreter”, I correct the Technician: “it is your choose not my mother”, I just want to know after 50Mim in the room, the mammography is done yet? I do not concern the phone interpreter. “Even it is the technician chooses”. I only concern my mother. The Technician said she didn’t start yet. I said why? 50min in the room and didn’t do the job, I very don’t understand why after 50min she didn’t do her job. This Technician is displayed no respect and unprofessional for patient. My mother in here coming for a service, and this is how the 73 year old lady being treated which I thought was very unprofessional. (When we leave is 12:20pm. For mammography check up waiting in the room about 2 hour for a 73 year old woman) If you can, avoid this Technician for service. The lack of integrity, professionalism and even basic decency of the medical staff was entirely beyond belief. I would advise anyone who needs help to seek other technician. (a month ago)

If I could leave 0 stars I would. I am actually writing this review while sitting in room 18 of the Emergency room. This is not the first time I’ve had such a bad experience and quite frankly I still don’t understand why we continue to choose this place. I brought my husband in with an extreme”headache” and severe pressure in his head.When we were taken into triage to finalize the check in I started to speak for my husband and the nurse cut me off and asked me Can he speak? I said yes and she went on asking my husband the questions disregarding the pain he was in. My husband went on and explained how no meds that he has taken are taking the pain away. He has been in constant pain for 3 days which is why we chose to come in. Dr. Kate Constance was extremely professional and courteous. My issue was with the level of professionalism the nurses had to the point I requested that she was not sent back in. She seemed as tho she had no people skills, was annoyed with the questions we were asking, and was extremely rude, she even rolled her eyes. She kept looking at the Dr like why are you even explaining anything else. This is probably the last time we will consider coming back to Jeans. (2 months ago)

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