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Jasper Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Jasper County, GA.

Jasper Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Jasper Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Rude and unprofessional! Not all of the staff but most of the "women"! You don't argue with a patient and act snooty because your in pain during their lunch! Her words were it's just pain your not gonna die! Really??!! Bs they get pain good money I'm sure and for What? Sometimes I wonder. (a week ago)

Brought my wife here for treatment of a head injury. The admissions, lab, and nursing staff were wonderful. The only complaint is the doctor did not have time to answer our questions about home care after he decided to discharge her. I had asked one question and he said "Yes," then took his phone out of his pocket and left the room. (2 weeks ago)

The staff yelled at my grandpa and family for wanting cancer treatment. I will avoid this place at all costs and go to Evansville if i can. I have a lot more horror stories about this place. I'm sure they pay people to write good reviews though. (a month ago)

I went to the ER Feb 22nd 2018. I was having heart palpitations and was having a bad anxiety attack. I had took my last anxiety med at 7pm the night before. My 27yr old son came with me. I was having a hard time taking a deep breath when I decided to go to the ER. By the time I got there, I kept getting worse because I was hyperventilating because I couldn't get that deep breath in. My son said my oxygen was 84. I had also had surgery on my vocal cords the 20th of Feb 2018. Dr came in 1 time in the beginning, after that nurse took over, she was rude to me and my son. I had laid there and suffered, I felt paralyzed. I could hear but couldn't talk because my oxygen had already depleted from hyperventilating so much. About 40 min later the nurse put something in my IV, had no idea what it was but I felt sick, didn't feel right and I still couldn't take a deep breath. The nurse took my urine 10 min before they discharged me. I left there with my chest still tight, still couldn't take a deep breath and ended up hyperventilating again when I was almost home. At the time I had no idea why I felt miserable. The nurse didn't tell me or my son the results of my bloodwork. The next day I went and got my medical records and the ER report and I was very shocked to what was on the ER report. Someone had anonymously called and said I had Od'd on my pain meds from my surgery on the 20th and what they put in my IV was 4mg of Narcan. Never heard of it or what it was for until I looked it up. It's for a opiate overdose. Not one time in the ER did they ask my son if I had taken pills. I was so appalled what the nurse wrote on my chart. I had my pain meds in my purse that night in the ER. I had 15 pills out of 20. I took 2 pills the 20th day of surgery, 2 the next day and 1 the day I ended up in the ER. I ended up going to my drs office who done my vocal surgery and showed the nurse my pain pills and the report in tears because that nurse in the ER tried to make me look like I was a opiate user when I was not. I don't have a drug history, nor do I drink and have never abused my medications. The hospital knows I have a history of anxiety and the medication I was on. It's a good thing I wasn't allergic to Narcan for which they gave me for 1 pill. There was no reason to even give me that. I had also found out my pottasium was low, which the nurse never told me. My heart palpitations was due to low pottasium. Everytime it's 3.3 or lower that's what happens to me. I had Klor Con pottasium prescription at home from another Dr who prescribed it to me for when my pottasium was low in Dec. Have alot of loose stools in a day. I started taking them again and the palpitations are gone. After how they treated me and wrote false information on my chart to try and make me look bad for something I didn't do, I will never go back there again. It's scarry how someone can call and give a false statement of someone, and not ask the person that's with you, who lives with you if that is true and then put something in your IV that you have no idea what it is. Shame on this hospital!! I told my family no matter what happens to me, to NEVER call 911 or ever take me back there again!!! Oh, and the discharge papers, the diagnosis was benign palpitations..I give 0 * (2 weeks ago)

This is a great Hospital they had very skilled doctors and surgeons and a friendly staff it is like a large Hospital in a small town I've been to this Hospital quite a few times and in the Evansville hospitals this has small town charms and friendliness which you don't find in bigger cities if I have my choice this is the hospital I would go to (2 months ago)

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