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Jane Phillips Memorial Medical Center, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, OK.

Jane Phillips Memorial Medical Center, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jane Phillips Memorial Medical Center, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Visited the ER the evening of 4/25. Got in promptly and admitted to hospital later that night. Was scheduled for appendectomy the following morning. Just want to say everyone I came in contact with from the ER reception staff to the nice young lady who wheeled me out after my surgery was courteous, professional, pleasant, caring and competent. And I mean EVERYONE. Time commitments were kept, staff was knowledgeable, everyone seemed to enjoyed their job and the entire place was clean. (I’m a clean freak so I pay attention to this!). I wish I could remember everyone’s name to mention in this review as they all deserve a 5 star rating AND a sincere Thank You! And thank you Dr. Steward for your time, care and attention. I could not be more pleased with the process and procedure. (3 weeks ago)

Had Surgery on my finger recently. All went well with hospital Staff and facilities. However, I asked up front about the costs and thought I paid my share . I got a real surprise with my bill afterword. When I tried to get clarity, I was sent around in circles. I expect some charges but some where extreme in my opinion. I guess when you have insurance you have to pay for those who don't . Bottom line for the Hospital. PLEASE BE CLEAR regarding charges when we ask before surgery . I do not like surprises to my wallet . Also, do not fill out any survey until AFTER you get your bills. (4 months ago)

My dad went through there just recently for broken leg and arm, he almost died several times during his stay. They almost overdosed him on morphine that they knew wasn't helping his pain, and they also knew he had bad kidneys were and still didn't monitor it right. They weren't giving him his prescribed sleep medication either which caused him to become extrememly deleterious. We even have proof that we have them a complete list of every medicine he takes, it's not my Dad's first rodeo as he works for the VA anyways. Our stay was 11 days where it shouldn't have been more than 5. There are some good people there, but the place overall is a shitshow. (2 months ago)

3/11/2018 This is the worst service, in an ER I've ever witnessed. They just parked my friend behind a curtain and let the patient set without oxygen, pain meds, or even a nurse watching over them. They did put a blood pressure monitor on the patient. After asking the nurse for oxygen, a pillow, and watching the patient try to climb out of the bed, I called for the nurse down the hall, who then told me to leave the room and wait in the waiting room, and she told me that it wasn't a request, but an order. I replied, "Yes Mamm", and left. She is in over her head and has no business working in an ER. She ask the patient if I was I was her Boyfriend, and ask her if she felt safe with me. My friend informed me of this later in the day when she got home. I've never witness service remotely rotten as this. I will never go to that hospital. Rotten additutes abound in this hospital. Not the first time I've seen horrid service and bad attitudes at this place. Bartlesville deserves better medical care than they provide ER patients. Jane Phillips needs to put their nurses and clerks through customer service training, because it's apparent to me they need training and proper oversight. This nurse was rude to me, and my friend. Edited after the canned response." Thanks for the canned reply, but is Mike the CFO to busy to concern himself with lousy operation of the ER? I left my number with you guys yesterday and would have welcomed a real call, and not this canned response you give to all. Ignoring this is how I describe your response to such nasty attitudes as I saw first hand. Take the low road. Easy street. I did call that number and left a message with the computer. You just cannot do anything right, can you? Ascension customers beware of this ER, as it's not managed by leaders, but by whatever the rotten employee wants to do. I have contacted your phone number and left information to have them contact me. 3/12/2018 (2 months ago)

I had a hysterectomy on 12/29 and my fiancé stayed with me and it was a overnight stay. I’ve had several surgeries in the past at previous hospitals like hillcrest and st Francis and I’m telling this hospital gave the suberb and better service than all the others . Their food was even better then the others. Their staff was prompt; efficient and very very friendly. They even called me and checked how I was feeling after my surgery two weeks after and I’ve never had that happen before! Amazing!!! Highly recommend (4 months ago)

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