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Jackson Park Hospital (JPH) is proud to have served the healthcare needs of our patients and community on the south side of Chicago for nearly one hundred years.

Jackson Park Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Jackson Park Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jackson Park Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had the worst experience with this hospital for a school paper. The board of director Tanisha Bonner should be spoken to. A while ago I had a meeting with her.She was late for our meeting, then she had this fishy questionable smell to her and she had bad breath. She thought I was an intern working at the hospital. I wanted to interview her for my school paper but due to her hygiene. I couldn’t do it so I just left the hospital. (in the last week)

Went to go visit my brother during visiting hours 2 to 5. Got there 430 they would not let me see him. Why because they were distributing dinner. What does dinner have to do with visiting a loved one. Now i cant see him til thursday. Wow. (7 months ago)

This hospital leaves much to be desired. I have maybe visited a handful of hospitals so I didn't have a lot to compare it to, but after visiting a relative in another hospital and seeing how absolutely different the service is, there's no way around this one. I don't know if they're underfunded, overworked, or a little of both, but changes need to be made. Here are the most disappointing parts of my observations of a family member being there: 1) He was given a shot ON HIS BIRTHDAY to make him completely incoherent, delusional, and reaching for imaginary objects because I was told that he kept trying to get out of bed. Because he was a fall risk, they felt this was the best decision to keep him still. However, the "babysitter" (as one doctor disrespectfully referred to the residents who watch over patients 24/7) was there that night and the next morning. Why not just make sure the worker makes sure he doesn't get out of bed? What's the purpose of having them in there 24/7 if you're going to force patients to take drugs to make them forget who, what, why, and where they are for over five hours? (I was there from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and he never went back to normal.) 2) He was moved to at least three rooms within a three-day period, and no one could tell me why. Eventually they blamed it on air conditioning. That would've been fine, but he was totally uncomfortable and ended up with a cold because the air conditioner next to him was blasting cold air while he was wearing a thin robe. 3) The social worker flat-out lied about a facility being for long-term care. Less than a few minutes after he was transferred to the facility, the company was noticeably irritated that "once again" Jackson Park Hospital told patients that it was a long-term facility instead of a short-term facility. When contacting that same social worker, she stuck to her story. Meanwhile the insurance company refused to pay for the short-term disability location. Then another social worker came back from vacation, lied and said she talked to me (she never had my phone number), and refused to return calls when I called her out on it. Apparently there is a long-standing debate between the social workers pushing patients to short-term facilities and saying they're long-term care facilities to get patients out the door. 4) I asked for a nurse to find out about #1 and she showed up at least two hours later and only wanted to yell from the door instead of having what was definitely a private conversation by walking over to where I sat on the other side of the room. 5) For whatever bizarre reason, if the patient doesn't want the food, they'll still leave it there. And then the workers (in tan) will point out that the meat is cold and they can't serve it, which leads me back to my original question: Why is it still here if it's cold now? 6) One of the beds that the family member was moved to did not work at all. But instead of them testing it before moving him in there, they just let him lay there until another family member brought it up. Then the roommate had to be put out in the hallway before they switched beds. But that still makes me wonder how often they test the equipment before just putting anybody in it. (And I have a feeling all they did was move that nonworking bed to another room in hopes that someone else wouldn't notice.) On the upside: 1) I cannot remember the names of the people who wear tan outfits (they're not nurses), but I met three of them who were incredibly nice: one was a light-skinned African-American woman; the other two had thicker accents and were brown-skinned women who I'm pretty sure were from the islands (Jamaican?). 2) The doctor did immediately call to patiently explain what was going on with him and stopped by a second time in person. I genuinely did like this doctor, but it was rubbing me wrong that she constantly kept referring to the family member as "like a baby" and "needs a babysitter." Other than that, she was pretty cool. So I'd give her 4.5 out of 5 stars. (8 months ago)

I just had my baby 7/19/2017 My water broke so I went through the emergency side, when I got in there they immediately started to get my information,put me on a bed & took me up stairs.I constantly told them I did not want an epidural all though they KEPT insisting I get one.I got in my room around 9am & my contractions were already 4 minutes apart when I arrived & when they first checked my cervix (before giving me any medication I was 4/5cm dilated) I wasn't in too much pain at that time. Around 2 hours later they gave me "pain medication".They wouldn't tell me what it was but I think it slowed down my labor because they gave it to me atleast 3 times I remember & one time was when I 8cm dilated which really slowed my labor after I had my baby I was moved to another room the one was clean but they kept changing the temperature from cold to hot/hot to cold,which gave me a fever & gave me headaches & when I asked for a Tylenol for the headache it took nurse isadore almost 2 hours to bring it by that time I couldn't open my eyes which were very sensitive to light & couldn't hold my baby because I had gotten weak I had to stay from the 19th to the 22nd & during that time they came and "cleaned" it maybe twice and by clean I mean changed the sheets & put one face towel & one dry towel. They didn't dump the garbage which was extremely full , they didn't take the food trays unless we hassled them about it. Also I complained about there being a bug crawling in my bed while I was holding my new born child & was supposed to be moved to another room which NEVER HAPPENED. Bad👎🏽: -The temperature -Needs to be cleaned better & more frequently -The staff takes forever -The staff doesn't check on you regularly -The nurse stuck the IV in my hand too hard which cause swelling & left a little bruising he which is still there 5 days later -You have to constantly ask them to bring you supplies, which they should already keep you stocked with -they serve breakfast at 6/7am, lunch 10/am, dinner 4/5pm & most of the times everything's cold when it gets to you and they don't reheat it for you. -some of the nurses have bad attitudes, seem very overworked & don't seem to want to tell you everything that they're doing as far as giving you medicine, when you can eat, when you can see your doctor etc. -ran out of supplies (cups for ice, baby wipes, towels, footie socks, blankets for baby) -took too long to discharge -hard for visitors to try to find my room -a few of the nurses had thick accents so it was very hard to understand them -a few of the nurse that had to check on my baby would wake him up out of his sleep , leave him unwrapped while the room was very very cold & wouldn't wrap him back up properly -took forever for nurse isadore to show me how to properly do a "sits bath" -the buttons on my bed used to make it go up/down seem to jam sometimes & make it do the opposite of what i pressed -never came to clean the bathroom -nurse isadore changed my sheets & wrapped up my phone in the covers & took it out the room (even though my phone was on the top of the bed in plain sight which a BIG , BRIGHT PINK case on it & my phone is kind of heavy) Good👍🏽: -got me to a delivery room quickly -let 3 ppl stay in the delivery room -provided food for me and my quest -a few of the nurses seemed to actually care about making sure I was comfortable & knew what they were doing -the food was good most days (when it was served hot) -the celebration dinner(of my choosing) and the gifts(new car seat,fruit basket, champagne, diapers, milk, blanket, 2 onesies, a hat and baby book, breast pump) were very good and nice 👍🏽 -the nurses will bring you a snack if you ask -the television worked & had a few good channels -would knock before entering the room -had a lot of chairs in the room -a few of the nurse gave me good advice & words of encouragement -good cell phone reception the days it didn't rain -had me fill out paperwork & explained them in detail -told me things to look out for when caring for the baby and nusrsing him (8 months ago)

They are horrible service and they are terrible liars 💯✌ (2 months ago)

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