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Jackson Park Hospital (JPH) is proud to have served the healthcare needs of our patients and community on the south side of Chicago for nearly one hundred years.

Jackson Park Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Jackson Park Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jackson Park Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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If I could give a negative score I would. I was transferred to the ER from another hospital. The ER was crowded, chaotic, and dirty. Nurses were yelling at other nurses in front of the patients. It took hours to get even the most basic tasks done. Totally unprofessional and not up to 21st Century medical standards. The entire process was a complete waste of time. Avoid this facility at all costs. (a month ago)

I was alone in the ER for nearly 10 HOURS before they sent me up to see the doctor. The actual doctor was pretty good, but the staff is so incompetent and communication between departments is terrible. I knew this hospital had a bad reputation, but I had an emergency and NEVER expected it to be this bad. (3 weeks ago)

The person who takes the call in the ER department is very rude . My 18yr was rushed there in an ambulance for chest pain , when she got there the wrote up her paper with a shoulder pain all alone she pulled a muscle in her chest they told her she could not be given the proper meds because she didn't have anyone sitting with her and it would cause her to be drowsy. So she called me I informed her I was on my way to work , ask them why can't they give you what you need without me having to call off! So I calles the ER department the lady on the phone said that no 18yr old had come in for chest pain through the ER .I said oh ok maybe she had them take her to Comer let me call them! So I called my child back she says I'm in the waiting area cause they full. So I called back and tried to .State my reason for calling so I would not have to take off and my child can get proper care the lady on the other end says after I said Um yeah I just called about my 18yr old and you said she wasn't there and shee said she is , her oh what's her name I said her name and the lady goes what you need from her ? At this point I'm lost because I neva said I needed anything from the child if she had listened in the begining to my reason for calling, which was why does my 18yr old need me to come in order for her to receive some medicine? (in the last week)

I had the worst experience with this hospital for a school paper. The board of director Tanisha Bonner should be spoken to. A while ago I had a meeting with her.She was late for our meeting, then she had this fishy questionable smell to her and she had bad breath. She thought I was an intern working at the hospital. I wanted to interview her for my school paper but due to her hygiene. I couldn’t do it so I just left the hospital. (2 months ago)

please AVOID GOING HERE ESPECIALLY IF YOUR PREGNANT OR EXPECTING. I HAD MY DAUGHTER AT 37WKS AND THEY TOOK FOREVER PREPPING FOR MY EMERGENCY C SECTION. NO ONE KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING,WHERE THEY WERE GOING ETC. MY DAUGHTER WAS BORN STILLBORN. I BELIEVE IF THEY HAD BETTER STAFF AND BETTER TRAINING MY DAUGHTER WOULD BE ALIVE. I hated myb3 day stay there because no nurse was informed of my daughters passing as if they don't read your file before they switch shifts.i kept having to repeat why I was there. Who wants to keep telling ppl that there daughter passed after just HAVING her...I'm still devasted and it's sad that these are the type of hospitals they put in these neighborhoods. Everyone needs better training or just all together QUIT there profession. If you are high risk I suggest talking to your provider about which hospital can correctly meet your needs. But black ppl do not settle for this hospital just because it's convenient. I will travel far for good service. I need people on me that ACTUALLY GENUINELY CARE AND KNOWS HOW TO DO WHAT THEY SHOULD'VE WENT TO SCHOOL FOR. THESE COLLEGES/TRADE SCHOOLS ARE REALLY GRADUATING ANYBODY I SEE! (a month ago)

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