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1611 NW 12TH AVE, MIAMI, FL 33136
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1611 NW 12TH AVE
MIAMI, FL 33136

Jackson Health System is an internationally recognized academic medical system.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Miami-Dade County, FL.

Jackson Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Here's my story based off of my experience as a former employee. I was hired the beginning of April. I was fired the beginning of May. At first I thought it was time for me to move forward in my life, and find a permanent job instead of a dead-end job, so I applied for Jackson as a PCT(Patient Care Technician). I was hired and I had orientation for 3 weeks and a half. Not knowing much about working in the hospital setting I was still determined to learn and grow. During my last week I was suppose to have a senior employee shadow me because I had a full load of clients to myself, but instead one PCT called off and she had to have her own load for her self. I was left alone with absolutely no supervision, or at least I wasn't aware of who was supervising me because I was not informed. I only had one difficult client that everyone was aware of on the unit and yet I was still left alone. When I noticed abnormal activity within the client I notified the clients nurse, and the nurse was on the phone majority of the day ignoring the whole situation. Later during the week I got a phone call from my supervisor stating that the client was transported then later past away. I was in shock I was shaking, I was afraid. I was told to come in the following week, and end up being terminated. Yes there is more to the story, but over all every employee is extremely cut-throat. Meaning that they will always place the blame on someone else for the sake of their job. There is no efficient team work and no collaboration what so ever. I tried fighting back to get my job back but they have YET to call me let alone write me an email to attempt to fix the situation. As a former client, and employee at Jackson I DO NOT recommend anyone to come here they are truly disgusting people, and their hearts are not what you think they should be. Jackson is one of those hospitals that many would go to because of better technology and services that they provide, but do not be mistaken by the way they treat you because right after they leave from your face they're going to bad mouth you like there is no tomorrow. Majority of the clients that they admit do not even belong on most floors regardless if they have space or not. This world is full of greed and Jackson has to be one of the most greediest businesses out in the nation, if you're looking for a good hospital consider else where, if you're looking for a job consider else where. DO NOT come here you will be forever damaged with this system may God guide you into the right direction. (a month ago)

Jackson Memorial Hospital Breast Center is a complete fraud! They charge you some hidden fees at the time of the appointment and called it deductible, and then a month later the REAL deductible comes in the separate bill that you have to pay or your credit will be screwed. Also, after all kind of tests, they provided me with the diagnosis paper where they write that they "BELIEVE" , like it some kind of a church and not a medical institution! If you have an insurance, DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THEIR OFFICE IN ADVANCE, BECAUSE LATER ON YOU WILL RECEIVE THE REAL BILL THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY AGAIN!!! And of course, the waiting time!!! With your scheduled appointment, expect to wait AT LEAST 2 - 2,5 HOURS. For a breast ultrasound, mammogram and 5 minutes encounter with a doctor they are trying to charge my insurance $2,234 with double deductible for me!!! REALLY????? THIS IS EXCEEDING ANY PRICE OF THE MOST SOPHISTICATED PRIVATE CLINIC! AT THE END NOT EVEN A CERTAIN DIAGNOSIS, JUST LOST TIME AND MONEY! (a month ago)

The Doctors are amazing, very knowledgeable in what they do. HOWEVER, no one else has ANY clue what they’re doing. I’m a transplant patient and I’m still in the process of getting established here (because no, I wasn’t transplanted here). And wow, it’s been nothing but a nightmare. From being woken up in the middle of the night, waiting in the ER for 15+ hours for a SHARED room (transplant patients should get their own room, we’re on a ton of immunosuppressants) a ton of miscommunication, a few impatient staff members, not getting my medication on time, I’m just really disappointed with the entire facility. People in hospitals need to be better taken care of, they need rest. It’s essential for fast recovery. Bottom line: They need more rooms (an entire renovation) and better trained staff. (2 months ago)

Most of the nurses are extremely lazy, negligent and there is no communication or teamwork. ICU unit is horrible. My experience at Jackson was absolutely terrible except for a very nice chaplain Jeremy. (2 weeks ago)


I think they didn't do everything they could to save my father. I hated this hospital from the moment they took him there. I wanted him to be taken to Doctors Hospital but supposedly they dont have cardiologists there. This hospital is disgusting. They make you pay for parking which I think is horribly unethical because people go to the hospital out of necessity, NOT for luxury reasons. It's a low quality place. A lot of the nurses & doctors were insensitive & I felt like they were not very smart or had good attention to detail. I did not feel secure there & I lost my father. I wonder if Doctors Hospital would have saved him but it's too late now. I hated this hospital. Hopefully your loved ones do not have the same experience I did. Good luck there. (2 months ago)

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