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A brief overview of J. C. Blair Memorial Hospital, including its location, history, services, and vision.

J C Blair Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Huntingdon County, PA.

J C Blair Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

J C Blair Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Went here for abdominal pain. Really bad abdominal pain. I kept throwing up pus tasting mucus and had a high fever. I told them what happened. I was in the waiting room for 15 hours before they saw me. 2 Days later I went home to L.A. for thanksgiving break, turns out I had a severe colon infection and needed serious antibiotics. The doctor there had an accent and couldn't understand him at all. They all wear dirty scrubs and the place is REALLLLLYYYYYYYY dirty. Trash on the floor and the waiting room is very unclean. Honestly you're better off going somewhere else. Save yourself!!! (3 months ago)

0 Stars. Stayed in the behavioral health unit. The first doctor I talked to in the ER was nice, but thick-headed and did most of the talking. I was having a panic attack, hyperventilating, crying, pulling at my hair, with my arms going numb because I wasn't breathing. A nasty nurse told me I was "being overdramatic" and stop pulling at my hair because "that's what people with anxiety do." They also placed me on so much anxiety medicine, that I couldn't stay awake enough to eat three meals a day and could barely drag myself to group sessions. Somehow I was supposed to be conscious enough to get to the nurse's station to get my asthma medication (which I never got during my stay). To top it all off, they almost stole my school laptop. Apparently some nurse sat it on her desk instead of locking it away properly with the rest of my things. I understand that it was an accident, but I would expect that my things be properly and professionally secured. I have not met a single person that has had good things to say about this hospital. Update 8/1/17 - I get intense flashbacks of my experiences here and yesterday my current outpatient care center identified them as PTSD symptoms. Save yourself some distress in the future and don't go here!!! (7 months ago)

They never follow through with what they are to do. If I could give them a minus rating I would. The whole place needs revamped with workers who can at least fake compassion. The sleep lab is a joke between the sleep lab and ER I don't know which has the worse doctors or techs it's a toss up. (8 months ago)

Bedside manner was terrible. I was in labor and they thought I was on drugs. (2 months ago)

My family holds this hospital responsible for the death of my mother. On August 7, 2010, we had mom taken to ER by ambulance with sudden and severe abdominal pain, clammy pale skin and sudden attack of diarrhea. After examining her, Dr Waddle notes that acute mesenteric ischemia must be suspected but neither he nor Dr Gaugler followed up to treat her for this condition which is indeed what was wrong with her. They let her lay there for 4 days in terrible pain. Mom told them her pain level was "11" on a scale if 1 to 10---she was off the chart in pain! I tried to get her relief but another doctor said he thought my mother was "confused about her pain". If he had been laying there with no treatment while his entire small intestine went necrotic I wonder if he would be confused about his pain? We finally insisted she be transferred by Life Flight to the Geisinger but had to remove her from life support aftervtgeir valiant affords in Danville to save her life. The pain caused to our family with the loss of my mother is unbearable at times as she was the heart of our family. Every August we all go though horrible depression and grief and my psychologist said it would be helpful if I wrote to the doctors and hospital to let them know how their failure to treat my mom has affected our lives for the last 7 years. Even her adult grandchildren still cry at the loss they still feel. I will never give up in letting the public know how the doctors failed my dear mother and our family. There were other failures by the doctors and a really rude insensitive nurse that took place during the 4 days my mom was in JC Blair and it wa a total nightmare for our family. My mom and dad met in Huntingdon in 1947 were married in 1949 and had 61 years together before she died. She was a young 80 yr old and her mom and sister lived to be 93 and 96. My mom most likely would be alive and enjoying her 87th Birthday if not for the incompetence of Dr Waddle and Dr Gaugler. If you can avoid them and this hospital I highly recommend you go straight to Danville. The doctors there recognized the gravity of her condition the minute they unloaded her from Life Flight. Her entire small intestine was necrotic except for 3 inches. JC Blair states on their website that their gastroenterology Drs Waddle and Gaugler are highly competent. I see they were classmates at medical school and maybe they skipped the Classes on emergency nature of acute mesenteric ischemia. It had to be treated within 12 hrs of onset of attack and every hour afterward is increasingly fatal. I had my mom to ER within 30 to 60 minutes of her initial attack but they did nothing--not even controling her pain adequately while they let her lay there and die a slow death (7 months ago)

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