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Interfaith Medical Center is a teaching health care system providing medical, surgical, gynecological, dental, psychiatric, pediatric and other services throughout ...

Interfaith Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kings County, NY.

Interfaith Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Interfaith Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday 1200 AM – 1159 PM
Sunday Open 24 hours

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1 star can’t even begin to describe how horrible this place is. I’m a person who usually never writes reviews but I had to say something because my experience last night was terrible. It’s disappointing when you can’t even look to your own kind of people for proper care and efficiency. I came in with extreme chest and back pain but, because things were so unprofessional around there I was brushed off and made to wait hours on end. After about 4 hours of being persistent with doctors I was finally diagnosed with pneumonia. I was so close to just walking out and going home but thank God I didn’t. Sorry to say but places like this are what make black doctors/ nurses look like jokes & this is coming from a fellow black person!! We have to be better as a collective and take pride in our jobs. Piece of advice for anyone still reading : If you know you will not be satisfied with the care from your zoned hospitals please call an Uber instead of 911 (if not life threatening ofc) and go to Methodist Emergency care. They are by far the best hospital I’ve been to & I will continue to go there in the future. (in the last week)

The only reason I’m being generous and giving this review 3 stars is because the PA that treated me, J. Richard, was very helpful, kind and understanding. I severed two tendons in my hand on 7/10/18. I arrived at Interfaith Medical Center’s emergency department at 10PM and was received by the intake staff around 10:30PM. They were kind, took my information and were patient with me. I was then brought into the emergency department. I met PA J. Richard right away. He was helpful, cheerful and was patient with me. Provided numbing treatment to my wound and wrapped my hand. I then went to have a cat scan around 11:30PM. That took about 45 mins to 1 hour. I then returned to the emergency department to wait for my cat scan results. I was told it would take about 45 mins to 1 hour. By this time it was midnight. After waiting almost 2 hours for my results, I decided I’d prefer to see my own doctor because no one was helping me, giving me updates etc. I told the CNA (maybe nurse?) that I wanted to be discharged and she told me to speak to the other PA on duty because the PA on duty would have updates for me and would be able to discharge me. I respectfully requested an update and to be discharged with the PA (maybe nurse) that I was directed to. That PA looked at me. Told me to hold on because she was tending to her own patients (whatever that means because she was ignoring everybody up in there!). She then told me to step back even though I was standing nowhere near her. Finally she looks at me and without even checking her computer, tells me the results of my cat scan and asks me whether I want to discharge against medical advice. This means she knew my cat scan status and just didn’t update me. I sat there for hours, respecting everyone, and trusting that they would update me at reasonable times. From there I sign the discharge papers. She calls the PA that was assigned to me (J. Richard). J. Richard returns as tells me not to leave so that he can wrap my hand, and give me the documents I needed to give my own doctor, and my medicine prescriptions. At that moment the PA that was ignoring me says: Mean PA: “Why aren’t you leaving?” Me: J. Richard told me to stay Mean PA: yeah but you told me you wanted to leave so why didn’t you leave? Me: because he told me to stay Mean PA: I did the discharge Papers as a courtesy to you! Me: listen I don’t want to fight with you. I’m just trying to get help from my PA who wants to help me. Mean PA: you’re rude! This PA had all the time to fight with me about NOTHING....but claims she’s so busy tending her to patients. Who does that? She shouldn’t work in an emergency department if she can’t handle the work load and gets mad about little things. Why would she prioritize fighting with me over treating patients? I didn’t leave the emergency department until 4AM. In addition to the above, the emergency department conditions were atrocious. The bathroom was filthy! Smelled like urine, and seems like it’s never cleaned. Blood soiled materials are not handled with care, which is alarming. The Nurse (CNA maybe?) dropped my pill on the floor and never found it to pick it up. An attendant that transferred me to and from the cat scan area, admitted to me that he had had a very strong drink before work. He was slurring his words and it was evident that he was under the influence. This place is a mad house. I’m not exaggerating one detail. I mentioned the good and the bad. (in the last week)

I still can't believe that this hospital and the quality of services they offer is in the United States of America, it's just a shame. This hospital should be close down and I'm not exaggerating at all. These doctors are worst that some I met in third world countries from South America across to North Africa. The assistants are rude and the whole place smells like tons of wounds not treated for days. I've been here since pm and at time of writing its 6: 08 pm. Still waiting for Dr. Worst place ever. (a month ago)

Want to agree with the majority of people reviewing this hospital its honestly one of the worst. I cut my hand open with glass about 2 weeks back. It was the closest hospital so a friend drove me to the emergency room. Just to get an xray done took about 30 mins probably longer. Emergency room didn’t have their own xray room open so everyone was being sent to the same place for X-rays. I waited another hour just to get stitched up. But before they stitched my hand the practitioner obviously numbed my hand she said she’d be back in 5 mins, but came back 30 mins later and the anesthesia was wearing off had to give me another shot of anesthesia. Then proceeded to stitching but looked clueless and then called in a doc/surgeon to stitch me up and honestly they stitched me up poorly. I got my stitches removed today by my regular doc only to see that my wound never even closed, doc said they tied it to tight which isn’t what they were supposed to do. Don’t recommend this hospital! Doc had to give me butterfly stitches. (a month ago)

I just came from this hospital. To be honest I’m not impressed. I was assaulted by a shelter resident in magnolia house and Nurse Duval was very rude and nasty towards me. She hit me in the face with the strap used to check my blood pressure. The psych unit is decent but those nurses in the medical department need to have their lisecnce revoked immediately. (2 months ago)

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