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Inova Mount Vernon Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fairfax County, VA.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went to ER and the Dr and nurses helped me so much, although they were very busy they really took care of me. I got admitted to the hospital and I cannot say thank you enough to all the nurses and Drs that took care of me. From the moment I got transfer to my room, there was always 1 or more nurses helping me. There was a shift change but at least one of the nurses stayed after her shift to help me. They helped me to stay calm and give me support. The nurse in charge and the nurse assigned to my room where by far the best ever, thank you ladies. And thank you to everyone that somehow took care of me. Thank you thank you. Thank you (2 weeks ago)

Generally my experience was satisfactory, with a caring and skilled pre-OP nurse, anesthesiologist and gastroenterologist. However, communication procedures need improvement: 1. No needle phobia (trypanophobia) care available, whether nitrous oxide, oral tranquilizer or other palliation, despite my requests four days prior during phone interview, at check-in desk and to pre-OP nurse. (DSM top 10 fear, affects 50 million Americans.) 2. CPAP not employed, though I’d brought it per instructions during phone interview and had informed pre-OP nurse. 3. Allowed to wait more than 30 mins before asking and only then being informed of the doctor’s revised schedule due to previous procedure complications. 4. Some waiting room attendants disrespectfully shouted patient names instead of approaching waiting area and respectfully calling names. (4 weeks ago)

What do you do when the hospital sends you away??? 😔Even though the main Sentara hospital is more convenient to me as it is a mere 5-10 mins away I went to INOVA Mount Vernon Hospital (IMVH). 😉There I was treated with the best of care. 😃I was admitted (?not emergency 😕situation though?) for 4 days almost 5, but with a little pleading they allowed me to leave with strict instructions to come back ASAP if I started to feel ill at all. A couple months later I started to feel off again😨, but b c of how Sentara's "doctor" treated me previously (making me feel like some gnat that needed swatting😠) I waited to see if it was temporary. After 3 days there wasn't any improvement and I actually felt worse😵. I felt so sick I didn't know if I could even make it to the hospital and momentarily contemplated calling an ambulance. From that prior experience I wanted to avoid the drama with Sentara all together so I made a beeline for IMVH. Of course I knew something was wrong, but I was far more sick than I realized😭😱. They told me I was in sepsis I had to have emergency surgery😷 & this time I was in for almost 2 weeks. Even though my visit was longer the service was still outstanding & never wavered. The Nurses, Techs, CNAs, Custodians, Food/Hospitality, Transport and one of the most important members the Doctors any, and everyone who I came into contact with was very friendly & went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of even if it wasn't their job or I wasn't their patient. This is truly an outstanding Hospital. If I was in a accident I would force the ambulance to take me to any Inova Hospital but especially IMVH. They need more nurses especially at night. 2 nurses for 12 patients that ratio doesn't seem right when everyone is sick & needs attending to. Although they are understaffed IMVH supercedes both Sentara's (especially the Minnieville location) in every category. Even being understaffed they make you feel like every issue you have matters. They also call you afterwards to see how you're doing and they remind you if you stop feeling well don't hesitate to come back. The ER doctor gave me her card after being admitted and said to call her with any issues. They went above and beyond to make me feel like I was a V.I.P. guest👸. If everywhere we went had this type of customer service no one would have a bad day. I thought Harris Teeter had great service this Hospital puts them to shame.🙏 Please Mount Vernon get more Nurses and the staff that you do have, you must pay them and treat them well. The food for it being a hospital is better than average, but🙊 there is room for improvement. Unless you plan on putting a Subway like some hospitals have now take that money and pay the nurses. They are worth every penny and more 👏👏. Any philanthropists that reads this review this is a hospital that would greatly benefit from donations. I can't brag or say enough about the outstanding accommodations.👍👍 (2 months ago)

Had total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. I am so impressed with the hospital and it's excellent staff. From the presurgery intake the week prior to the actual surgery and overnight stay the entire staff is of the highest caliber of professionals in there appropriate fields. But the nursing staff impressed me the most. They anticipated my every need and we went out of their way to accommodate me. I will be back for any further hospital stays in the future. (7 months ago)

Inept staff and doctors. Only a couple of doctors and nurses on staff truly care enough about their patients to clean them when they are paralyzed and cannot care for themselves (2 months ago)

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