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Inova Mount Vernon Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fairfax County, VA.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Even though I live in Woodbridge & Sentara hospital is 5 - 10 mins away I went all the way to INOVA Mount Vernon where I was treated with the best of care. I was feeling ill I had pain pills, but they weren't working so I went to Sentara hospital. I was the only patient there with a staff that had just changed sifts. After speaking with the nurse the "Doctor" comes in looks at me & exclaims, "these are not emergency situations!" She didn't run any test or take any blood samples, zip, zero, nothing. What do you do when the hospital sends you away??? I then went to Mount Vernon where I was admitted for 4 days almost a 5, but I pleaded a little & they allowed me to leave with strict instructions to come back ASAP if I started to feel ill at all. The Nurses, Techs, CNAs, Custodians anyone who I came into contact with was very friendly & went out of their way to make sure you were taken care of. This is truly an outstanding Hospital. If I was in a accident I would force the ambulance to take me to any Inova Hospital but especially Mount Vernon. I will say this they are understaffed. They need more nurses especially at night. 2 nurses for 12 patients that ratio doesn't seem right when everyone is sick & needs to attending to. Even being understaffed Mount Vernon Hospital supercedes both Sentara's (especially the Minnieville location) in every category. When you're their patient they make you feel like every issue you have matters. A couple months later I started to feel off again, but b c of how Sentara's Doctor treated me previously (making me feel like some gnat that needed swatting) I waited. After 3 days of hoping it would go away I made the trip back to Inova Mount Vernon, avoiding the drama with Sentara all together. I was far more sick than I realized. They told me I was in sepsis I had to have emergency surgery & this time I was in for almost 2 weeks. Even though my visit was longer the service was still outstanding & never wavered. Please Mount Vernon get more Nurses and the staff you have pay them well. (a week ago)

Had total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. I am so impressed with the hospital and it's excellent staff. From the presurgery intake the week prior to the actual surgery and overnight stay the entire staff is of the highest caliber of professionals in there appropriate fields. But the nursing staff impressed me the most. They anticipated my every need and we went out of their way to accommodate me. I will be back for any further hospital stays in the future. (3 months ago)

This hospital was absolutely horrible my clothes were stolen along with my money from my wallet! I had no privacy whatsoever! the roommate I had was loud the nurses didn’t care that I was suffering from migraines, I waited 3 hours for water. I was still feeling sick when I went home I told the nurses I was better just so that I would be able to go home, doctor didn’t come to check on me until dinner time!!bottom save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere (a month ago)

I visited Inova ER for complications from an accident one and a half years ago. I had to wait over two hours to be seen by a doctor. The doctor was rude and unprofessional. I still paid all the bills they sent me for the poor service I received. Now they are sending me a bill that I have already paid and asking me to pay again. I provided them with proof that I have paid it, but it looks like they don't care. They constantly keep threatening me that if I don't pay the bill (the second time) they will send my account to collection which will ruin my credit. I don't know where should I go or who should I call to get this resolved. (4 months ago)

It's pretty good. It's busy, don't get me wrong. But...what can you expect, it's a frikon hospital. For the most part I like this place. Dr's are contracted (so if you didn't like the rudeness of the should review HIM rather than the hospital). Hospitals are a facility where you should rate based on basic service (especially with reception and nursing staff), ease of administering meds (let's face it, some hospitals are the blind leading the blind) and understanding EVERYONE'S role. I used to be much more critical of ER's and Hospitals but once I started working in the industry, I realized that hospitals are really the facility that calls all of these local Dr's to come in from their private practice based on your care. Even an ER Dr may be working there 1 day per week. Nurses work there, true...but there are bad nurses and good nurses. Too many times we expect bedside manner to be part of our experience when we're sick, but we should also understand the logistics of medical care a little bit more. I get it if you were misdiagnosed, if you were sent away and swear something was more than what they thought..those are all warranted. But long waits, being dismissed a bit...that's just part of the culture in a hospital. (2 months ago)

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