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Inova Loudoun Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Loudoun County, VA.

Inova Loudoun Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Inova Loudoun Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I just experienced medical assistance at its best: prompt, professional, thorough, and personal examination, diagnosis and treatment. Patient intake, nurse care, and doctor care were a 10 out of 10. Thank you! (And by the way, I hardly ever write reviews, nor have I ever met any of the Inova staff in my life.) (in the last week)

Went to ER. All they wanted was to get money anyway possible. I felt better and the doctor told me nothing was serious but suggested to spend the night there for observation. I told them I wanted to leave. They told me the insurance will not cover anything if I leave instead of spending the night there. Not only that they are charging me for services I did not get. Rude nurses. They let me out of the hospital without saying bye. I didn’t even have my shoes with me, they didn’t care. Worse experience ever. (2 months ago)

Had a double mastectomy, best doctors, best nurses, food service and custodial staff. Everyone was helpful and super friendly!! (3 months ago)

I want to share with others the very positive experience I had with Dr. Chauncey Stokes and the staff on hand in the pediatrics unit this past Friday, leading into Saturday. I had to undergo a major surgery with little advance notification. When I held appointment with Dr. Stokes, I found him to be skillful, intelligent, thorough and empathetic. He took great care to present me as best he could to surgery ...having gone to great lengths to explore any and all risk areas. In pre-op, he sat with me and my husband as I suffered a bit with last minute paperwork. Following surgery, Dr. Stokes placed me in the Pediatrics unit for “best possible post-op care.” The evening nurses on the 3rd floor Ped Unit were phenomenal in care. Whether they came into the room to take vitals, change IV bags, or to give shots, each one always said hello, gently woke me and explained all that they were doing ...even if they could have done it without my knowing. This instilled great trust in me for INOVA Hospital and also gave me opportunity to ask questions. I’ve been to one of the newer hospitals mid-year 2017 and did not receive the care needed to heal. The new hospital was efficient but not prescriptive in care like INOVA Hospital in Lansdowne was. I grew up on hospital floors for most of my youth due to an illness that befell my twin sister at a very young age. To that point, I’ve seen all types of care. INOVA Hospital’s staff in Lansdowne, VA rank pretty high in the level of “compassion care” they give. I highly recommend this hospital and Dr. Stokes. Not only do they care for the patient, they also have a sort of “leave no man behind” method of care that extends to the patients’ loved ones looking to be kept up to date on operative and post-op care. Great team from start to finish. (4 months ago)

I was seen in the ER twice. I went yesterday and Wednesday morning due to stomach pain, pelvic pain, nausea, and throwing up. I have not been able to eat anything in days. but was still throwing up. Wednesday I was given an ultrasound to check if the cyst I had on my ovary was ruptured or there was a reason. I mentioned my gallbladder and how it might be the cause of my issue but was only given a pelvic ultrasound and a transvaginal. The report was nothing wrong. No cyst. Dr. Woo gave me a rough pelvic exam even though I declined. She came to the conclusion I must have an std and gave me several antibiotics including a shot in my arm for an STD I didn't have. Yesterday I returned to the ER - because I was throwing up again after nothing in my stomach. Dr Woo was rude and made several statements about not giving me pain meds ( which i didn't want) I wanted a reason for the constant vomiting and stomach pain. Dr Woo concluded I did not have an STD but BV and that is the problem. Yesterday evening returning to Winchester, VA Still throwing up, still weak, etc. I went to MED express and Immediately they knew it's my Gallbladder which has the potential of being covered with endometriosis. I am very disappointed with the DR and refuse to pay for the STD testing. It really seems your staff could care less about my sickness because I do not have insurance or quickly decided I was drug seeking. When I never asked for pain meds. Women with endometriosis are constantly shunned away and treated like we are nuts. I expected a female DR to have some sort of bedside manner but I guess if you don't have insurance, you are dirt on their shoes. (4 months ago)

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