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Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is a top-ranked acute care community hospital serving Northern Virginia located in Fairfax, VA. Find contact info, campus map & directions here.

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fairfax County, VA.

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I would have given it 5stars if they would have given me the same experience during this delivery as the first...I picked this one even though it was a 30 min drive from home but was disappointed with the service given. The staff was lacking in the area of providing sufficient information when they came in for documentation and stuff..we were given maybe the tiniest room for which I would give 1star, I think giving a properly sized room to postpartum mother's is important coz they need space to deal with themselves and the baby..but other than that the nurses get a 4star, dining service 4star, sanitation and cleanliness 3star( dint come regular), the lactation consultants were very helpful 4 star. All together I hope they improve in the areas they lack. (2 weeks ago)

I brought my 5-month old daughter to the ER because of vomiting and diarrhea for almost 5 days. The last couple of days was a nightmare to a new mom like me. Veda the nurse is one of the kindest and most humble person I've met. She made our experience a little less scary. Put in an IV and catheter for my little baby in just one try. We ended up going home after my baby received IV and now she's better. The tech and the PA that helped us thank you. My baby is okay now because of all that you did. (a month ago)

I had a terrible experience here. I am giving them 2 stars, because it is below average, but, I can imagine having worse experiences. Their actual facilities are average. Their pricing is extremely misleading, and their customer support is horrible. Here’s my experience with them, with some detail. My wife needed stitches, because she was kicked by her horse, and, at the time, she temporarily did not have insurance. We drove straight to the closest hospital (here). They got our information, they were not fast to respond, and my wife had to wait a good while while severely bleeding. Later, they took us into an emergency room, cleaned her wound, and then came a guy with a computer and asked for my credit card. I asked him if there was an estimate. He gave me an exact figure which was around a few hundred dollars. I gave him my credit card. They ran a bunch of tests, took their time, completed the procedure, and then let us go. Later, we received bills for the procedures which totaled around $2,000. Obviously, $2,000 is not even close to a few hundred dollars. I called them. It was extremely hard to even talk to a person. When I finally did talk to a person, they told me there’s nothing wrong with the bill, but that they’d review it anyway. They reviewed it. No result. A number is not an estimate of another, if one is more than five times the other. The estimate was obviously misleading. But, they did not want to correct their wrong. In short, their actual facility was average. Their misleading charging practice was terrible. Their customer ‘support’ was horrible. I would never choose to go here. (5 months ago)

I took my child in, and the doctor determined IV access was needed. The health care provider that placed the IV cleaned the IV port before attaching the tube connecting it to her fluids, however the provider we saw for the follow up medications never cleaned the port. I was thinking about the contaminants that could have gotten on her port or the tube as it hung there disconnected, and figured they should all be using alcohol. I did google later and saw that 15 seconds of scrubbing is recommended, and I never saw that happen. I regret not googling it then, or speaking up about the hygiene and safety of the way they do it. I looked online later to see if they have a protocol but did not see one made public. It appears someone responds to reviews here, so I figured I would share my experience for others to be better advocates for themselves, or minors or the elderly in their care, and hopefully to learn about what is protocol or if they somehow have another safety mechanism in place. The doctors all seemed very competent. The nurses I met appeared to have a range of capability. The registration woman at the front desk and the one that brought in her computer were both amicable. I do however question computers going room to room as it seems like a big contamination issue. (6 months ago)

I've read through a lot of the 1 star reviews. Keep in mind, that it's possible to have a bad experience anywhere, and that one individual nurse or doctor can be rude or get something wrong. That is true wherever you go. Having that said, this is a world class hospital with top of the line equipment and some of the most qualified staff you can find. It is clean, it is modern. You have to be your own advocate whenever you see a doctor, but whatever care you need can be found here. I personally have never had an issue with their billing department. I have the good fortune of having great health insurance, and can't speak to their ability or willingness to negotiate. (8 months ago)

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