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Inova Alexandria Hospital, offering a full range of healthcare services, nationally recognized for healthcare excellence. Take a virtual tour here.

Inova Alexandria Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Alexandria City County, VA.

Inova Alexandria Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Inova Alexandria Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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We just had an awesome experience at the Inova Alexandria Hospital Emergency Room today. My husband had a kidney stone and they took us back immediately upon arrival. Everyone from the attendants to the doctors were friendly, professional, and efficient. The facility was clean and they had us in and out of there in under 2 hours - - that included the initial exam, Cat Scan, administering meds, writing prescriptions, and all associated paperwork. It's nice to know this facility is so close in case we need them again. It will be our first choice. (a month ago)

I delivered my baby girl in Inova Alexandria. I should give 5 stars to labor and delivery unit (second floor) as everyone was very professional and polite. And what is more important, both my baby and me are healthy and happy. We had an amazing experience. However, I cannot say the same about the postpartum unit (third floor), as our experience there leaves much to be desired. First, the staff there completely disregards patient’s needs and requests to be left alone for a while. They claim to have “quiet hours” where they are not supposed to disturb you but they still do. They don’t care if you have “do not disturb” sign on your door and enter without knocking. But secondly, the most frustrating thing for me was the job done by “lactation consultants” there. My baby lost more than 10% of her body weight upon leaving the hospital and we were struggling for the first couple of days upon leaving. Inova Alexandria claims to have certified lactation consultants who are there to help you. I had them come twice during our 3 days stay there, went to lactation class and yet they were useless. They are just following standard approaches/rules without really listening to your needs and keep encouraging you to have your baby fed every time she makes noise and scare you about using pacifiers. They didn’t care to listen to my concerns that my baby can not latch properly. Luckily, after leaving the hospital we reached out to breastfeeding center in dc and they were extremely helpful. My baby is 3 months now, she gained lots of weight, can nurse really well, I never had to use formula and it would have been a real disaster if I kept listening to these “lactation consultants” from Inova Alexandria. (2 months ago)

This was the absolute worst hospital/patient experience of my life. I was admitted per my doctor's request for overnight observation. I requested to go to VA hospital center, but since the doctor was not associated with that hospital they had me go to INOVA Alexandria, HUGE MISTAKE on my part. Not only did they inject me with a medication they knew I was allergic with (a form a penicillin), the doctor then told me at the end of my stay she didn't see the allergy in my file and she was unaware of said allergy or she would not have prescribed it to me. The customer care department then wrote me a letter saying they did know I was allergic to the medication, and decided to give it to me anyway without informing me. I ended up having the most severe allergic reaction I've ever had. When I wrote to explain my awful experience to their customer department (Getting in touch with this department was near impossible. It took over 3 months of contacting the billing dept for a contact, each time being provided the same, incorrect contact, leaving messages requesting a call back, etc.. It wasn't until 3 months later when I threatened to get a lawyer did someone actually call me back.) The overall experience was terrible. I had had imaging done 3 days before at another hospital that came back clean, the hospital had the results but they decided they wanted to run their own imaging anyway and then charged me OVER 2X what VA hospital had charged me for the exact same tests. The whole experience was absolutely horrible and they never even diagnosed me with anything. They provided no closure nor did I feel any better when I left. They charged me an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE on billing, even though they told me "You have excellent insurance coverage". DO NOT GO HERE EVER. I also will never see a doctor associated with this hospital again. I used to work in hospitals and I HIGHLY recommend Virginia Hospital Center. They are fabulous there on every level. (4 months ago)

I’ve there twice recently, and experienced qualified, friendly staff. I would recommend the ER and the general hospital itself. Very good care; wouldn’t hesitate to go back, when needed. (3 months ago)

In a special experience with my children, I would like to circulate some of their vital parts and I would like to thank all the medical staff for the different nationalities who received us for the first time during our visit to the hospital What concerns me is to send the word thanks and grateful gratitude for the high ethics, which treated us out, and, for each skill in the physical and psychological care that we had in the hands of the nurse 's name ((Line)) Thank youThank you Five additional stars((Line)). In general, thank you to each nurse Her nurse gave her time to the patients (a week ago)

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