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Inland Hospital is a premier provider of cardiology and obstetrics services in Maine. Our outstanding birthing center and choices for your family doctor one of many ...

Inland Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kennebec County, ME.

Inland Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Inland Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The ER is TERRIBLE! The staff are lazy, condescending, and VERY unprofessional. I filed a formal complaint about mistreatment. They have no compassion or empathy. Idk who trained these nurses, but they should be fired. I dont have time or energy to list every nasty foul, but my daughter removed her own IV and we marched out. You cant even ask for a warm blanket, without a nasty tone. They act like they want to get paid to just sit at the desk, and talk about their personal lives. It was a downright disgrace! Pathetic!!! We went to MAINE General, where people seemed genuinely eager to help!!! (a month ago)

The E.R. told my husband he was constipated, never ran any tests nor did any scans and sent him on his way. Then we ended back up in the E.R. at EMMC and he had appendicitis and needed emergency surgery. I would never suggest anyone to go to this sorry excuse for a hospital. (in the last week)

The Primary Care is ridiculous. Seems to be one snobby " doctor" who rules the place and she is not a good doctor at all. Have you ever heard of an elderly person with many health problems getting kicked out of a doctor's office because the one doctor doesn't like you? More than one doctor there. Refused to give me my meds that I have been on for many years, causing my blood pressure to go dky high and another med that caused me to go through withdrawal for 3 days before they would give it to me. Not to mention the nurse that kept calling me and yelling at me and telling Need can't go there anymore, I was not wanted. I could go on, but this is enough. Don't go there. (3 months ago)

8/20/2017 had to go to the ER at 1am after having a tonsillectomy 2 days earlier. The staff was very caring. I was dehydrated and was having a bad reaction to the medicine from the operation because I was unable to eat food before taking it. The doctor seemed to genuinely care about my situation even at 1am. With his hand on my shoulder, while my head was in a puke bucket, he told me he was going to take care of me, and that he was going to make all this vomiting stop soon. He explained exactly what he was going to do to help me get back on my feet and get through this. I could tell he genuinely cared. Then the nurse came in and was so pleasant and warm. She was able to get the IV going the first time with out a lot of pain. She covered me in some blankets and even dimmed the lights so I could relax better. Thank you..... (8 months ago)

I had an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy here while vacationing nearby. I arrived late in the evening and was processed quickly: urinalysis, blood work, CAT scan. I spent 2 nights in the hospital and was given excellent care by everyone from the nursing staff to the surgeon. Because the scan revealed a surprise kidney lesion, I requested a CD of the scan to take back to New Mexico. This was produced and delivered to me within a few minutes of my request. We were vacationing with my niece who is an ER physician in a big NYC hospital. She said I was very lucky to have this procedure at Inland as at her hospital, for example, it would have taken much longer and the actual surgery would have been performed by an intern rather than a seasoned surgeon. I was able to fly comfortably home to New Mexico 50 hours after the onset of my symptoms. This experience could have been a nightmare. Instead, it was a pleasant an experience as emergency surgery can be. Thank you Inland!! (9 months ago)

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