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PAOLI, IN 47454

Visit our Paoli Hospital in Indiana, serving the community for years. Click here or call us today for more information.

Indiana University Health Paoli Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, IN.

Indiana University Health Paoli Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Indiana University Health Paoli Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I am so impressed with the level of care I have received at the Paoli Hospital. Three years ago I had my first child there after transferring from an attempted homebirth and needing a c-section. The nurses, doctors, and surgeons were so kind and caring--making a situation that could've been bad into something positive for my husband and I. Just recently, I had my second child there. The staff was very supportive of my choice to have a drug-free labor and delivery. Once again I had a very positive birth experience (although very different from the first one!). The doctors are very skilled and knowledgable and the nurses are so supportive and caring. Additionally, there is a certified nurse midwife on staff, which is a real asset to the OB department! I feel very lucky to live so close to such a wonderful hospital. (8 months ago)

I've had all five of my children here. And they went above and beyond for me. It's a shame some people who may have bad experiences with one employee, rate the whole hospital this way. Also when you have a child the OB nurses get dumped on a lot by some women. I thanked them each and Everytime they came in and out of my room. And thank you to Bailey and the whole OB staff my twin girls who were the first born there in 10 years, just turned Five . And thank you to Dr. Beachy And Dr. Flinn , I believe, for taking care of us when we had to go to the ER you really do have some amazing people there ❤️ (8 months ago)

The ER doc was very rude, acted like I was a Antibiotic junky or something, I was only in there maybe 30 mins or less, I got a bill for nearly $1,600.00 never even laid in a bed, all they did was a piss test, I had a UTI, he gave me a paper script. and sent me home. IU Health says they do not discriminate but they DO against Poor People, you tell them you can't afford the bill, so then they want $100.00 just for you to fill out the papers saying you can't afford their bill. I said, If I had $100. to give you I wouldn't be calling you to say I can't afford this bill. The girl on the phone was so rude to me, she said well if I had a chance to possible make a bill go away I would find a way to come up with $100. OMG I was so mad... I send them what I can afford each month, and they don't like it one bit... I would have to be almost dead before I ever go back to that ER again.. (10 months ago)

Yoy have your really good nurses and doctors then you have not so good. The air-vac perimedic are the best and I am very thankful for them saving my husbands life on Friday March 8th, 2017. When my husband had a massive heart attack. The doctors on duty at 100:30 a.m. And the skilled paramedics in ambulance! Thank you all very great! Prayers to you all! (a year ago)

I was in the area for a week and was suddenly passing straight blood in what little urine i could produce and had horrendous back pain. I knew it was a kidney stone, as I'd had one in the past. I just wanted to be sure it was small enough to pass. I am chronically ill with other issues and I have never been treated better in an ER. I had my two teen daughters with me, who were permitted to stay with me the entire time, except when I was getting a CT scan. Had the scan results within 15 mins. After initially being examined the dr was also certain it was a kidney stone and was perfectly willing to give me narcotics which I declined as I had to drive. Instead they gave me an injection of tramadol and flomax orally. Within 40 mins I felt MUCH better. The meantime I had the scan and results. They gave me a copy of the CT report to bring to my normal dr 4.5 hours away and an Rx for flomax as I had my own pain meds and muscle relaxers where I was staying. I was out of there within two hours which would NEVER happen in any of the hospitals at home. I also found out from the scan that my gall bladder is full of stones. I've been having trouble pain for four years that had been totally blown off to a previous bleeding ulcer by my drs at home. I have no complaints whatsoever. Everyone from the woman at reception to the nurse, dr, ct tech was very nice to both me and my daughters. (a year ago)

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