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Visit our Bloomington Hospital by IU Health for great attentive healthcare staff. Click here or call us for more information.

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monroe County, IN.

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My 84-year old sister-in-law was transported there after a serious fall. Ambulance and EMT'S WERE FABULOUS. Nursing staff, however, was not coordinated or communicative in her care. We had to ask the nurses to dress her open wounds, as they were unaware of them after she was admitted from the ER. Therapy experience was the worst! Therapist accused her of removing her sling after her shoulder replacement surgery and all but called her a liar when she informed her the sling hadn't even been adjusted since leaving the OR. Therapist put her in a chair, left her room and said, "I'll be right back, but she never returned." After an hour, we had to call the nurse to put her back to bed. When it was time to be discharged to rehab center, she was told she'd be leaving "around 1:00 pm." The facility's van came to transport her, and they, as well as we, were then told, it would be around 3:00. At 4:00, we asked again for release, and the new shift was not even aware she was to be moved. It appears that removing the IV and completing the necessary paper work were the hindering issues. The nursing staff failed to document the open wounds on her arms, so the rehab center was unaware of them after the transfer. COMMUNICATION SEEMS TO BE THE BIGGEST ISSUE! (2 weeks ago)

I’ve had 4 babies here and one surgery. My daughter had to be admitted once when she was very young as well. The nurses are phenomenal, so very kind and caring. They are all angels. I enjoy meeting them and talking with them, and consistently feel well cared for. I’m thankful for the nurses and staff who keep IU Health/Bloomington Hospital a bright resource for healthcare in our town. (a month ago)

I don't even know where to start.. Nurses Lindsey &.. Sam Best Nurses ever the staff treated me like I was the only patient there!!! Bloomington Hospital is the ONLY way to Go. .. EVERYONE JUST SO PLEASANT..thoughtful..kind and really cared about their patients!!! I was there for 10 days....beds aren't comfortable but they want you home as much as you want to get home!!! Thank you all ICU..PED..!!!! (3 weeks ago)

I had recent extensive emergency surgery at the Bloomington Hospital. Here is what went good: * the surgeon was great converting my minor surgery into major and fixing the life-threatening problem I had. Here is what went bad: * They called my pharmacy to get a complete med list with milligrams and dosage and missed some of them including the meds I take for chronic insomnia. Therefore, I was awake the entire night following my surgery. They also switched out the Prilosec I take for heartburn for Zertec which doesn’t work for me. After 3 days of telling them I had to have my husband bring mine in from home. * The machine they had my stuff hooked to went off approximately every 30 minutes (2 out of 10 times the nurses actually needed to know about it). The staff seemed baffled by this and went through troubleshooting steps that didn’t work. I got a roommate the last couple of days and her machine went off that much too. It was interesting listening to the aids tell her the same things they told me in the same order. * After my surgery, I had a drain tube that was connected to a small bottle. No one checked this bottle and I was unaware I had it. Result: the bottle filled up and I was laying on it. That resulted in it leaking all over my bed undetected for 2 days. I’m sure that wasn’t good for my wound which was supposed to be draining. * In my room behind my bed, there was a clear bottle connected to the wall. It had fluid in it that looked similar to what had been draining from my wound. No idea how long it had been there but it looked like it had mold in it. * None of the light switches on my bed worked. The only light in my room was surgery room bright. The switch was on the wall by my roommate’s so my light got turned on constantly by mistake. * The bathroom was filthy. There was an empty bag of saline that laid in the sink for 3 days. * During my 5 days there, not one time did anyone offer to give me a bath of any kind or brush my teeth. * On the 3rd day, they came in and told me that they had to move me to a different room. So they walked me down the hall and around a corner to a new room. Five minutes later, a very nervous head nurse came in and said they had to move me back to my old room. She offered to let them move me in the bed I was in. I said that would be great since my old bed was dirty and hadn’t been changed. * On day 4, I was finally offered my first solid food. It arrived on a plastic plate with a plastic cover. Everything tasted like old Tupperware Which I couldn’t eat. I have stayed in that hospital many times over the years and the food has always been very good. Not anymore. * The evening after I ate the food, my stomach gave it all back up. I started vomiting. My kind roommate and her husband asked if I needed help. They called the nurse while I held a pillow to the staples running up and down my stomach. My nurse came in and seemed very methodical in taking care of the logistics of my situation - checking my vitals, turning off alarms on my machine, etc. My ROOMMATE’s nurse actually seemed to care about ME. She was very sympaetic and even got me a wet rag to clean my face. No one checked to see if I had gotten vomit on my gown. * Calling the nurse rarely got the nurse to my room. My last full day there, I called and asked for ice (I was back on ice only). The aid that answered the phone said she would tell my nurse. Having been told this for days with no result, I called again after 15 minutes, the aid acted like she told her but would tell her again. After 15 more minutes, I called again. Finally after an hour, my nurse happened to come into my room. I told her I needed some ice. She acted like this was completely new information. 3 times, my husband happened to walk by the nurses’ station and heard the nurses standing around complaining about the patients while alarms were going off on the switchboard. * I got shots in my stomach for blood thinner. The trainee nurse who did my last shot stabbed me like a steak. The most painful shot I’ve ever had. After 5 weeks, I still have a bruise. (in the last week)

Last time I was there with my son, who was diagnosed with scarlet fever that night , had to wait in the waiting room for quite sometime before being taken back to a room. The staff was amazing , mainly one impiticular, I think His name was Mr.Stafford, he was part of the cleaning crew. He cheered my son up when he was to scared to see the doctor. Thank you so much Mr. Stafford. (2 months ago)

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