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MUNCIE, IN 47303

Ball Memorial Hospital was founded in 1929 as both a teaching hospital and regional tertiary referral center. Visit us today for a check up.

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Delaware County, IN.

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Let me start by saying that the nurses were incredible to my brother during his last days. If I could just review the nurses, I'd give them 5 stars. Thank you all so much for your care and compassion. That being said, our experience with palliative care was horrific. The woman who handled our case spoke to us in an unbelievably condescending tone. When we would leave for errands, she would come into my brother's room and repeatedly push her agenda...even though he was in and out of consciousness and was hallucinating regularly. She was relentless. It was so obnoxious that despite only being strong enough to speak a few sentences a day, my brother took the effort in one of our last conversations to tell me how uncomfortable she made him. Hours before he died I went to the nursing station and begged them not to allow her to bother him again, as I did not want her to be the last person he ever saw. Luckily, she wasn't. The last thing a family needs while their loved one is in the hospital is to be harrassed. (3 months ago)

My family had a recent experience with Ball Memorial Hospital concerning my 92-year-old mother. She suddenly became gravely ill after always being a healthy, vibrant woman. She was in ICU and the 5th floor cancer unit. The care and compassion shown by the staff here was exceptional. My brother and I are both health professionals and were impressed with her level of care. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was that the cafeteria food was not so good and the hospital is in need of renovation, which they are working on. This did not affect her level of care, though. (4 months ago)

My wife has been in numerous hospitals in indianapolis and now muncie in the last 12 years (4 thirty days stays in the last 7 months). She is seriously ill with multiple maladies. We have found IU Ball Hospital to be the best of all the hospitals she has visited. From emergency to the patient floors, there is a friendly, caring environment we have not found in the other locations. When you are sick, or hurting, the responses you get from nurses, doctors, and technicians goes a long way in aiding the healing process. The help you receive at Ball is exceptional! I could only give Ball 4 out of 5 stars because of their food service. It is not correct to add the name "service" to their food provider. From the phone ordering system, to the food and condiments, to the preparation and delivery of the food, it is sub standard. Examples are as follows: 1) Elderly patients, who can barely lift a fork, are expected blend and mix there hot chocolate in their bed. 2) If you order pancakes, you are delivered bare pancakes, unless you specifically order butter or syrup as a addition. 3) Food is sometimes left on a counter across the room, instead of being left at the bedside. How is a person who can't get out of bed supposed to get their food? 4) if you are in the AMG section of the hospital the food service is even worse, since "they" decide what you are going to eat, unless you order your breakfast before 7pm the night exceptions.! The different rules for the AMG section are not explained prior to entering that section. The quality of the food is at best a "C" but the food service is definitely a "F"! If it wasn't for the food service, IU Ball would get 5 stars from us. (a week ago)

The nursing staff is great but the billing department is a joke. They sent my mom to collections on a bill from 2 years ago that she never received anything about! And don't even try to ask for an itemized bill... If I could give them a negative star rating, I would! Going to Anderson from now on!! (2 months ago)

My sister in law is being held against her will at BMH. She signed herself out but as we were leaving a doctor said she was placing my sister in law on a psychological hold. My sister in laws medication was stolen by staff when she brought this to the staffing attention they called her a lier. Staff accused of purposefully of overmedicating herself while at the hospital. My sister in law is able to communicate and is completely ambulatory. This is criminal confinement for no other reason except to charge my sister in law for unnecessary medical procedures. Since she has signed herself out her insurance will not cover any additional medical treatments. (3 months ago)

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