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1701 E 23RD AVENUE


Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Reno County, KS.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Inc is a proprietary hospital.

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I had both of my children here and have been treated for an eye abrasion in the ER and had great care and attentiveness by the staff. (in the last week)

I can't rate it lower. My husband went into the ER with a temp of 103 and my 4 year old with a temp of 100 and they didn't do any tests, didn't spend any time with them. On the discharge papers, all it says is 'Suspected influenza.' My 4 year old had a dangerously high temperature, I think any medical caretaker who actually cared would run some tests instead of guessing and calling it good and sending us out. (3 months ago)

When I was younger, I was taken in for intense stomach pain. I was told it was just "flu pains" and that I was fine. Over the week, I was brought in a couple more times, and told the same thing. The pain intensified to the point that I couldn't roll over in bed. My parents took me to the ER. Turns out I didn't have flu pains, but a ruptured appendix. I was rushed to emergency surgery. I came very very close to dying because of careless misdiagnosis and repeated negligence. There have been a few similar cases in my family over the years, serious complications or problems due to careless misdiagnosis or obvious apathy. I hear it time and time again from friends as well. I'm sure many of the people that work here are good people and mean well, but the healthcare provided here is atrocious and the doctors are not held accountable for anything. I will do everything in my power to make sure i'm never in the care of this hospital again. If it is not a medical emergency, I urge you to do the same. It is well worth the extra drive to go anywhere else. (2 months ago)

Horrible facility do not go there if you have a choice I was admitted through emergency last week and denied my medication that was prescribed to me for cronic conditions saying they couldn't verify my scripts but I took all my scripts in with me provided them with my doctors names numbers and the Wichita kansas physicians exchange number but I guess since Hutchinson Drs have a monopoly they don't recognize the much more qualified Wichita Dr's I was there for 4 nights and had an asthma attack and they refused to allow me to have my rescue inhaler because it couldn't be verified I intend to contact the state of Kansas and an attorney I also witnessed abuse of an elderly patient who was a navy veteran and a retired fire fighter who was unable to defend himself do to his condition they also told me I was out of network on my insurance after I was admitted and refused to transfer me to an in network facility this place is horrible I feel sorry for the people that live in Hutchinson who have no choice but to use this facility but maybe a visit from the state of Kansas can clean up this mess no wonder this hospital has changed it's name so many times trying to cover up it's horrible reputation I normally go to Wichita and have never had a single problem with any of the medical facilities there good luck with state Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (a month ago)

Before I start writing this review let me state that I have a rare kidney electrolyte disease that can kill me if electrolyte levels go down too far. And I was diagnosed with this disease when I was 3 years old and it is in my medical records and even on my medical alert tag. With this stated my husband took me to the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center on December 24th, 2017 because I had severe diarrhea and nausea. Because my electrolytes were crashing I have very little memory of what happened except from what my husband told me because I was semi incoherent. He told me the nurse came in and started demanding an answer out of me and from what my husband said all I could do was make moaning sounds as she gradually started to yell at me demanding for an answer as to what was wrong. My husband told her and the So called doctor that I have Bartters Syndrome and even when he explained what it was they still wouldn't listen to him and kept trying to get an answer out of me. They eventually drew blood and found that my potassium and magnesium levels were low. And all they did in that so called hospital was give me something for nausea and hooked me up to a regular saline solution drip with no electrolytes. After 6 hours by then it was Christmas they released me and I still could not walk and was wheelchaired out to our car. By the time we got home I was vomiting sick and my husband called that ER and they said if he brought me back they said they could observe me. Any other hospital would have given me the electrolyte transfusion I needed. My husband ended up taking me to a real hospital in McPherson, KS and they sent for everything done in the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center and ran another electrolyte test and the McPherson hospital immediately hooked me up to a drip with electrolytes especially potassium and magnesium in it. By then I was really crashing. Within 4 hours at that hospital i was coherent and walking by myself and doing much better. They said i had contracted some sort of roto stomach virus that the flu shot did not cover and it would have to run its course. On the way to McPherson my husband called Hutchinson Regional Medical Center back and issued a complaint with an administrator on their answering machine. They claimed later they would handle this. 2 months past and not a word except a bill for $30 After they submitted it to my insurance. Even after we contacted Guest Relations twice not a word. So I issued a complaint with Medicare & the Kansas Board of Medicine (KEPRO) and one of their representatives left a message with a administrator at the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center and they still would not respond and haven't to this day to either one of us. It's not that I don't have the $30 it's the principal of the fact that why should I pay someone for trying in my opinion to kill me. Oh yes, I'll pay the $30 but not without making clear what this hospital wouldn't do. And no routine excuse of "I'm sorry" from the owner is going to be acceptable. Nearly 9 years ago the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in my opinion helped kill a friend of mine & we helped with 7 other families bury her. She was in my opinion killed in the same fashion as they tried to do to me simply by not listening. And my husband is my legal Medical Durable Power Of Attorney papers clarifying that are also listed with the Hutchinson Clinic. In my opinion this hospital deserves and lives up to the name Hotel California, in other words don't check in. And for what it is worth on February 25th, 2018 we just received our only form of communication from Hutchinson Regional Medical Center from Charles V. Erdman, Jr., RN, MHA falsely claiming that my husband's concerns were resolved with the Nursing Director for the Emergency Department when they only took the complaint down & NEVER contacted either of us except sending the bill. We certainly would like to know what was resolved since it would appear this matter was swept under the carpet. That's why there are complaints & this review will stay posted indefinitely, Freedom of Speech. (2 months ago)

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