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Huntsville Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Walker County, TX.

Huntsville Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Huntsville Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My husband had to go to the emergency room and we had to sit in the waiting room for 2hrs and in the room 4 hrs. They acked like they didn't care about us waiting for 6 hrs. 6 hours. I am Talking about the overnight Dr and nurse. (a week ago)

This place deserves ZERO stars! Came to the ER with my friend. She’s anemic and had not eaten all day and they ended up taking 6viles of blood in 5 hours. They could not figure out what was going on so they admitted her overnight. The nurse practitioner finally cleared her to eat, so I gave her a saltine cracker. This nurse comes in with attitude. The RN with red hair who wore a head band. Sighed heavily right in front of me when I told her I gave her a cracker and ROLLED HER EYES at me. It took every strength in my body not to cuss her out. Everytime my friend would say she was in pain she just said a monotone okay. If you can’t even pretend to care then maybe you should get a different job!?! They took her up to the room and she finally ate after being in the hospital for 12hrs. Only had dry sand which available. Morning comes, no one is attending to her. It’s 3pm and they have not fed her and are just now telling her she can’t eat solid food still?? What is going on? It took hours for a nurse to check on her! No one is communicating. Do not take anyone here. This place is disgusting. I’m going to post the pictures of the DRIED BLOOD that was left from the previous patient on her bed. (5 months ago)

My brother died at this hospital. He went in for a day surgery, they ended up keeping him because he had gastric reflux. At 4:30 am a nurse came in to give him a shot. He was supposed to be discharged that morning. within an hour after he was given the shot he passed away. Now my dear mom is having t go to this horrible place where they make people wait hours,upon hours in the ER. It doesn't matter what is going on with a person: they wait until they begin to feel hopeless. This hospital needs to be shut down and taken over by people who know how to run an ER, hospital, and how to staff with people who give a damn. (7 months ago)

If I could leave a 0 I would this is the most unprofessional hospital I have ever been too. Dr.Khan was very rude and disrespectful along with his nurse that was pregnant. I entered the hospital at 1:25 yesterday and left at 7 o’clock. I had to leave my room because someone else needed the room after the nurse said the doctor had read my scan but another nurse didn’t. That nurse was very rude and didn’t know what she was talking about and then she continued to talk trash about me and my friends as she was helping another patient while we were waiting outside the door listening. Dr.Khan repeatedly asked me if I had a STD after I told him no I got checked several times plus they checked me themselves at the hospital. Then he was purposely displaying my business in the hallway of the hospital instead of disclosing the information privately he decided to make a scene. This hospital is very unprofessional and needs new everything. I have never been to any hospital where you have to wait 2 hours in the hallway for discharge paper work and still haven’t heard from the doctor what’s wrong with you. And on top of that I just met the doctor at 6:45. And been outside in the hallway for 2 hours. Not only that, I couldn’t sit down because my stomach hurt too bad but that didn’t stop Dr.Khan or his Nurse to try and force me to sit down. I have never been to a place like this and trust and believe me if I ever need to go to another hospital it will not be Huntsville memorial ! (4 months ago)

I would only give them one half of a star if it was a choice. Know one their wants to do their jobs. Very slow service. People come to the hospital because they are sick. And it is the only hospital in town. Next time I will drive to conroe. (3 months ago)

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