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Photo: Hunt Regional Medical Center

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Hunt Regional Healthcare is a large hospital in Northeast Texas that offers exceptional healthcare services to residents of Greenville and nearby cities.

Hunt Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hunt County, TX.

Hunt Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hunt Regional Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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My big sister had her first baby their and she said that was the first time she has been to this hospital and she said it was the most wonderful first experience.she loved the staff and people at the front desk they were kind, knowledge,and they worked pretty good and she did have to wait in her room all day I love this hospital and so does my sister they handled her situation good when she had her baby (2 months ago)

Doctors and techs are awesome here. It is definitely worth the drive though to go ANY where else due to lazy accounting and billing department. When my baby was born in May 2015 I applied for Medicaid for my son about a month later, then had to renew my application and found out they entered his birthday wrong so I corrected it and they added my baby again to the account and then sent me another Medicaid card with a new number for him. So I called and got it straightened out in July and they told me to go back to using the old number. (Nevermind just caring for the baby but mom's have a lot off things to do, appts, other children in school, etc the first few months!) I forgot to call the hospital and give them the information until October when I received a bill in the mail; all they had to do in the billing department was call the health department and ask for an extension -the billing department absolutely refused to call anyone and ask for an extension and sent me a letter in the mail claiming such, pointing out that it was my fault for not telling them by the deadline. If I could have made the call for them I would have. Also, expectant moms steer clear, some of the nurses are rude and threatening. They push formula on your baby even if they know you are breastfeeding. They know that a baby's weight will drop and obviously their sugar level as they are not on milk for the first few days just colostrum, but they care more about being held liable IF something happened. I was told to cut down the time I breastfeed so that his wake full time included him drinking formula. I was threatened that if I don't give formula they would "poke and prod" (their words) my baby with needles to give iv. I made it known my baby was to be breast fed only and when asked if they could give a pacifier I said no. So when they circumcised my baby them gave him some sweet water or whatever to get him through it AND a pacifier. When he was returned to me he had a big orange pacifier in his mouth that I threw in the trash. Also, I have a picture of his birth card on the side of the crib and unfortunately when I sent the pic to all my family and friends I was horrified to be told to look under the card on the crib where it is forever a memory now where they had left a shi**y thermometer in his crib with no lid or anything on it! So. Gross. I was told at this hospital to get up and walk around within hours of having a c section. Ridiculous. For the 2 and half days I was there they were completely ineffective at reducing my pain level. The Norco I was given separately barely took off the edge just so I wasn't holding my breath wincing in pain constantly. I had to get up at night by myself and try desperately to scoot to the restroom alone crying out loud in excruciating pain with every step. On my last day a nurse asked me if knowing that other mothers were in pain made me feel better. Think of that what you will as you can only imagine what that makes anyone feel like. (a month ago)

From ER to surgery and everything else, everyone were very exceptional, caring and professional. I love this hospital. (3 months ago)

Thanks for taking care of my dad this hospital is great like our America. People are friendly and they take care good of patients (6 months ago)

I had a dog bite and went to the ER because it needed antibiotics and cleaning and I thought stitches. At least 30 people there and a sign on the wall about priority care and Quick Care. I went to Hunt County Regional Quick Care across the street from Walmart. I was the only one there and treated professionally and quickly. Was very impressed with the staff and medical care I received. I would suggest that the staff at the Emergency Room be knowledgeable about Quick Care; I ask and they knew nothing so I called, no big deal but would have appreciated some information from ER (a year ago)

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