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Howard University Hospital provides top-tier inpatient and outpatient health care services in the Washington DC area; a Level-1 trauma center.

Howard University Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in District Of Columbia County, DC.

Howard University Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Howard University Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Go to GWU hospital. You will get better and faster service. There is a reason Ronald Regan went to GWU and not Howard. Do not come to this hospital. I came here in a lot of with a broken bone and they made me hobble around on my broken foot. The security guard made me park on the other side of the lot. Because “it is the policy.” I was in an incredible amount of pain. The nurse complained when I did sit in the lobby and asked for a wheelchair. I waited in the hallway for about an hour to get an X-ray. I had to wait four hours to see a doctor. The doctor was some kid in his residency and misdiagnosed my injury. He told me to eat more meat. How the heck is going to help me heal my bone? As a doctor I figured he would recommend more plant based amino acids. I went to a second doctor and got the correct diagnosis at GWU hospital. I went in for an MRI at Howard Hospital. The staff was rude, unorganized. More interested in joking around with their friends then taking my MRI. I asked when will I get my results. They said it will go to your doctor. I said, which doctor and they yelled at me “YOUR DOCTOR.” I said, Who? They said “your doctor bye!” I hate this hospital and vow not to return. Waste of time and a waste of money. (4 weeks ago)

I know someone that has been admitted at this hospital during this Memorial Day with a gun shot wound. His room has been cleaned once, minimum pain med, seen four different doctors and coutless times they said he's going to surgery! DAMN WHEN!! And haven't Givin him Any Explanation to nothing? WHY NOT?! Are you waiting for him to bleed out. I'm searching now for a news anchor that can get to him now and question the doctors and this awful hospital!!!! I'm still praying for my and stay (experience) (a month ago)

The definition of hell on earth. No one here cares about your health, everyone is rude and inconsiderate. People only come here because they have no other options available to them. No one chooses to come to this Hospital, that's how horrible it is. Avoid it unless you like abuse and you have the patience of a Saint. I went here for a dermatologist appt and they had to cancel because the doctor quit. Rescheduled and they canceled again without notice because of the weather, didn't bother to call me to reschedule. Made an appointment with ENT which had decent people but the office is nasty, dirty, old, and dusty. Had another appointment with Radiology and the people there cared more about chatting with each other than they did with helping patients. The woman working at the Radiology desk sent me to the wrong part of the hospital because I guess she did not know that Radiology does radiographs... Go figure. The incompetence and rudeness is unparalleled. This place is horrible, customer service is non-existent and I hate every time I have to come here. I cannot wait until I am done in this city and I never have to step foot in this place ever again. (a month ago)

Me and my son are here literally right now. Staff is really nice. They are definitely not the problem... but the temperature has Ben an issue since I came here for the delivery of my son.. I was freezing shaking while pushing him out... and then on the mother baby side where we recover until we are discharged the room is not better either... its so cold i feel horrible everytime i have to change him. I'm sitting here covered in three blankets right now freezing... apparently something with the main heater is wrong... it's absolutely miserable in here... (6 months ago)

This hospital staff are some of the rudest people you will ever find. Total disgrace (3 weeks ago)

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