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Sugar Land Hospital offers the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques available in Fort Bend County. Read more at Houston Methodist.

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fort Bend County, TX.

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I had a baby there two weeks ago, I was very happy, comfortable and well taken care of. The staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. It's so clean, everybody is so nice and Even the hospital food was great. I'm very satisfied! (a week ago)

My wife had to have two procedures related to her gall bladder, which caused her to be hospitalized for about 5 days. We went to Methodist based on it's reputation. We will not return to Methodist for healthcare. The first thing we noticed is that there was no communication amongst the staff and physicians. The nurses didn't seem to communicate at shift change. Within a span of a few hours, my wife was both set to be taken for a surgery that wasn't scheduled and to be discharged (before her procedures occurred). Thank goodness she had her wits about her; I shudder to think what could have happened with a patient that wasn't fully aware of what was happening. The billing from these two procedures has been a total scam. Methodist itself is in my insurance network. I verified that in advance. However, outside of the nursing staff and the room/board, virtually nothing else that happens is related to Methodist. The doctors and physicians assistants all seem to be contracted or freelancers and may or may not be in your network. When they run tests, they seem to send the specimens to their own labs, which often seem to be out-of-network. There are also outrageous fees for services that well above industry standards. My insurance rep said that Methodist tried to charge 3-4 times the norm for virtually everything. As an example, a physician's assistant my wife saw once tried to charge us $18,000. Bottom line is that it's very easy to go to Methodist because it's "in-network" only to find out that a huge portion of the services rendered are out-of-network. Perhaps we are expected to verify the network association of every single person we interact with during the course of the stay? If so, that is ridiculous; if Methodist is going to advertise as being in a network, then everyone associated with them should be also. But that's not how it is and the reality is that there is bait and switch at play. (2 months ago)

My sister was visiting me and she fell. We took to the ER. The staff was friendly but was in no hurry to help. They took 2 x-rays told her she had a fractured arm and wrote a prescription for pain medications. The accident happened on a Friday evening. We never saw a doctor, only a nurse practitioner. She is from Out-of-town and I was able to get an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. Turns out she needs surgery- her shoulder is displaced with a fracture and a blood vessel’s flow is cut off. She will need a plate and screws. I would not recommend this ER. They told her no surgery would be needed. Had I not ask for a sling they would not have given her that. (4 months ago)

Excellent care in ICU and on the 6th floor. Excellent care given a friend and we who were waiting in the day surgery area. (a week ago)

I was given orders for a CT scan and ultrasound by my doctor. I called to set up the appointment with the radiology and they were clearly confused by the orders. It said my lower rib and they kept say the neck. I had the orders faxed again so that it was clear where I needed the test. They finally got it right. Then they scheduled the test on the same morning. She took forever scheduling it but finally confirmed it was scheduled the same morning. I get to the hospital at 7:45am to be told they don't have my orders for the ultrasound, just the CT scan. They don't even have the orders or me scheduled at all. So my doctor had to resend the orders and they had to work me in. I have to wait three hours and I booked this two weeks ago. I could have went to One Step and it would have all been done quickly without an issue. Methodist isn't what it use to be. Go somewhere else for test. One Step only needs your orders sent over once and they can make appointments without an issue. I have used them several times with no issues. Update!!! Radiology department is awesome. It’s the scheduling that needs help. I am having to wait now for insurance to approve because of scheduling but radiology is trying to resolve this with ease. So five stars for them (Tia and Shahan are awesome) and two stars for scheduling. (5 months ago)

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