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St. John Hospital offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art health care services in the Greater Bay Area. Make an appointment today at Houston Methodist.

Houston Methodist St John Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Harris County, TX.

Houston Methodist St John Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Houston Methodist St John Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I normally don't rate different places, but after seeing some not so great reviews, I had to chime in. My Urologist works out of this hospital, so I really didn't have a choice of hospitals in this case. I went in for a kidney scan, no complaints, I had surgery yesterday, again no complaints. I did not go to ER, but everywhere else I went, from X-ray to Pre-op to surgery and staying over....everyone I encountered were great! (3 weeks ago)

Had an EKG and X-ray in the ER recently. The process went rather smoothly, except for them taking their sweet ass time. Now a month later they decide to tell me I have all of these out of network costs because the doctor wasn’t on my insurance. The first thing I did when arriving was hand them my insurance info. It is the hospitals obligation to tell you that the doctor is not covered, and now you want me to pay $2k in fees? The HM St John ER can catch these hands before they ever catch my business again. (4 months ago)

We have always had real good care from the doctors and nurses here. The rooms and rest rooms could be cleaned more often and better. (a month ago)

I will never go back. We were in the ER for over 3hrs. Were never placed in a room. I guess we may have seen a Dr. Whoever eventually told me my daughters X-ray's came back okay never introduced herself. Instead walked over and said " So, can she walk on it?". That was it. Then she walked off. Eventually someone else came by with a clip board for me to fill out the ER admittance form... We were done at that point usually that is done at the beginning when you show up. He said someone would be by to pick it up. No one came. So I walked to the front from the back waiting room and asked who it goes to because no one came to get it. I am told that it went to the lady I was speaking to. I then inform her my insurance information has not been taken either. So she takes it. Then she asks me to sign the other admittance forms and permission for treatment... Once again after the fact. I ask if I can leave and am told not yet. So I go back to the back waiting room and wait another 1hr for someone to get me to sign a paper saying I understood the directions given and I could leave. There were no instructions given. This place is the most backward run ER ever. By then I didn't care I just wanted to go home. It was after 1 am. All I know is they better not bill my insurance for a room fee! There was no room fee. I saw the triage nurse and I guess a Dr for all of two minutes. That is it. (5 months ago)

Absolutely THE WORST "CARE" I have EVER received. This hospital claims to pride themselves on treating patients with "integrity, compassion and respect." I assure you, I received NONE OF THAT. Even though I was in horrible pain (from the Shingles virus) I was still kind, respectful and humble. I am in the process of filing a formal complaint against the horrible woman (I refuse to call her a Nurse, she is not deserving of such a proud title), that took my vitals. I was completly ignored, when all I was seeking was a blanket because it was miserably cold. The woman that took my vitals, literally man-handled me. She forcefully unsnapped the back of my bra, and yanked my shirt off over my head, when I was perfectly capable of undressing myself, She then became frustrated because my arm was trembling while taking my blood pressure. Knowing full well that all she had to do was take my BP on my left side being that the Shingles virus was affecting only my right side. It was as if she WANTED to cause me more distress. If anyone is more deserving of never working in the Medical field, it would be that woman. What goes around, comes around and I will do everything I possibly can to make sure that no one else suffers at the hands of this evil so- called "Nurses "Ass-istant." (4 weeks ago)

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