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Houston Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Houston County, GA.

Houston Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Houston Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This hospital has the worst service ever. So many rude nurses and doctors. They don't even listen to you. The only thing they do good is when the registration staff came of course money is important .I decided to not ever come to this hospital anymore nor my family .they are not professional and not good at treating kids nicely. My 8 year daughter was scared of them from the way they act and talk. Save your yourself from stress and go to a nice caring environment. (3 weeks ago)

I took my little daughter to west houston, Richmond Ave, during the cough season, she was down with cough. the nurse at the front desk was so rude, shouting to the helpless parents as if they were the cause of the sickness. The most painful part was that, the nurse on duty was confused and people bumping into the room without introduction, that we wondered who the nurse or the lab tech is. In trying to get temperature they inserted this long stick to my daughter anus, I questioned if that must be done to get the temperature and they (male nurse and one other man) insisted yes, they pulled it out and the stick was full of blood. I cried, and felt the excruciating pain as my little daughter cried also, but tried to hold myself and to get my daughter well. Only normal, over the counter prescription was given that night after all these. I have a little experience in the health sector. What they do in west Houston is so heart breaking, shameful, and deserves a total overhaul from bottom up. This shouldn’t be in the United States. I doubt if Afghans or North Koreans have this kind of experience. Parents please don’t take your kids to this hospital. SO SAD (3 weeks ago)

I am currently sitting here in the hospital and I literally have a 5 day old baby here in order to get some blood work done. The baby was born here and they still want me to register him again. There are a ton of people here and I have been sitting here for almost 45 minutes or more. I am a paranoid parent of a newborn baby of him being around a lot of people and might I mention some of these people are sick. I don’t get why they don’t expedite him to register so I can get him out of here as soon as possible. I was very happy with the delivery and labor area, but the way they are treating my baby afterwards, honestly freaks me out and I don’t like it. I mean all he needs is some quick blood work and I could’ve been out of here in 10 minutes. But no, I guess the care of a newborn child isn’t important. (a month ago)

I give West Houston Medical Center five stars (☆☆☆☆☆) due to the exceptional professionalism and readiness while caring for my three year old during her dental procedure. Thank you Dr. Khan, Dr. Foster (Anesthesiologist), Nurse Sylvia, Nurse Angela, Nurse Beatrice and the entire staff that assisted with my daughter, London. Sincerely, Crystal (3 months ago)

"Hello, I am the grandchild of a woman in her 90's, who was a patient of this medical center. My grandma, in a gravely ill state, was admitted into the hospital with her hearing aids, and was discharged without them. Though my grandma was gravely ill, the hospital dismissed any responsibility for losing her hearing aids. In fact, they have virtually ignored us, and my poor grandma. My grandma can't hear without them; communication is incredibly difficult. Several of my grandma's supports have been in contact with West Houston Med Center for weeks (since March 1st, today is march 27th) without any resolution to the issue. To add insult to injury, our grandpa also received care at this hospital and died shortly before grandma was discharged, he's been battling cancer for years. We have had to manage all death issues at a substantive disadvantage and, really, we have all been emotionally and physically disabled by the hospital's lack of compassion and ability to resolve this matter. West Houston Medical Center has made a very trying time especially more difficult. They have put all of our health in jeopardy by initially dismissing our requests for help in locating her hearing aides; and by their continued lack of follow up on this issue. By the way, hearing aids are VERY expensive; otherwise, we would have replaced them long ago. West Houston Medical Center should be ashamed of themselves as an organization. (3 months ago)

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