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Learn more about The Hospital of Central Connecticut at

Hospital Of Central Connecticut, The is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hartford County, CT.

Hospital Of Central Connecticut, The does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hospital Of Central Connecticut, The is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

Location and Directions


The best emergency care you can get, one of the fastest in the state. But it's the location that tops it, just across park by world famous designer Frederick Law Olmsted (Central Park NYC, Capitol DC). And then the three National Historic Districts the Hospital is nestled in, West End, Walnut Hill, Downtown New Britain. Friendly talented staff had me back on my feet in no time. Primary Care Physicians are separated from this complex to a glorious facility near Plainville, which means if you're here for Specialty care, Emergency, or Maternity, the focus is entirely on you and you're not going to be running into people there for yearly checkup. Everything about New Britain General is the best for peace of mine, health, focus, and beauty. PARKING: Oh there's lots of free parking options a few minutes from the hospital, there's metered parking on the street, and there are convenient garages. If you're interested in saving money, then save money. Look for the park entrance, drive into park and around to check out the relation to the hospital entrance, then back into the park. Lot's of free spaces within a gorgeous 5 minute walk of the hospital. There's also an Au Bon Pain on location, and a top-200 national art museum, the New Britain Museum of American Art, to check out or take a break from long term care. With all the worry that goes with a hospital visit, New Britain General has an absurd amount of places to find peace and center. (2 months ago)

The emergency department should be recognized for their OUTSTANDING patient care. I was very sick this past Tuesday & Wednesday. The staff made sure I was very well taken care of. All questions I had were explained to myself and my father. I was very scared and each of the Doctors and Nursing staff made sure to validate how I felt. They explained all the monitors and tests there were preforming. I left this facility with confidence I will get better. Thank you (5 months ago)

I have been both an employee and a patient, of both scheduled and emergency services. While the wait times can be long, that's due to demand. The staff themselves are friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. Not perfect, but of the medical centers I've had the (mis?)fortune of having had to go to, it is certainly one of the better ones in CT. (4 months ago)

Awful. Simply awful. Disrespectful and condescending providers. Nurses were laughing, chatting and listening to music at the nurses station. Not acceptable when I am a patient in extreme pain, waiting to be seen. The disregard for human compassion is unbelievable. I'm disgusted. Will NEVER return. (7 months ago)

Awful, Awful, Awful. I came in late at night with a terrible skin rash/allergy that was keeping me awake. The PA that came in to see me was eating, barely looked at me or my symptoms and didn't listen to my background or questions at all. He diagnosed me completely wrong, saying I had a folliculitis, I did further research - and even a doctor could tell you that is definitely NOT what I had. I gained no relief, the PA, Dylan, disappeared when it was time to discharge me and didn't even answer my last questions before I left. I am not happy about running my insurance and paying a copay for this awful service. (3 months ago)

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