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Holy Redeemer's holistic approach to healing is unique among healthcare providers. Caring for the total person goes beyond the act of delivering excellent medical care.

Holy Redeemer Hospital And Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, PA.

Holy Redeemer Hospital And Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Holy Redeemer Hospital And Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Absolutely worst maternity nurses. They were awful when I had my babies and are even worse now with my sister who just delivered. They need a staff who is caring and understanding of the emotional state of a post pardom woman. They need nurses who instead of making a ton of rules to be followed with your own baby, educate you and comfort you and allow you the time you need to bond with your baby. I am so disgusted. (a month ago)

The overall the staff is great at the mergency room but with a huge exception of the elderly female attedant at emergency room registration. She is not pleasant at all to interact with. That is the primary reason this hospital looses 2 starts. Poor interaction makes this visit unwelcome. (in the last week)

I know a thing or two about hospitals and nursing and even though I believe there are some excellent doctors and nurses there; I can not recommend any healthcare facility that would alter nurse hiring policies based on one fatally flawed 2003 "study" that IMPLIED that hospitals staffed with more BSN nurses experience lower mortality rates. The authors of this study simply used a template from a previous study on nurse to patient ratios and mortality rates; by their own admission manipulated data no less than 133 times, excluded and included data at the discretion of "so-called" experts who were backed by four year nursing schools, then fed all this altered data into a regression model to see what MIGHT happen if there was a 10% increase in BSN nurses. The implied results were promulgated as Gospel truth by those with pro-BSN agendas and were accepted without analysis by many hospitals. Hospitals should critically evaluate information before altering hiring policies that could affect patient care. Many or our most experienced nurses with 20+ years experience are leaving bedside nursing rather than take on a student loan debt for anywhere from $12,000 - $25,000 to take such courses as "Sociology of Nursing". "Foundations of Nursing Theory", "Multicultural Aspects of Nursing", and Theories of Nursing Ethics" which have no patient or real world value, thus possibly leaving a critical void of experienced patient care nurses. (3 months ago)

If you need tests or an outpatient procedure, be prepared for outdated equipment, staff who are uncaring if you have a special need and waits when no one else is there. The only advantage is valet parking, that of course you pay for. Use another hospital, the culture here is laid back like a country club, not a healing envitonment. (4 months ago)

0 stars is what this hospital deserves. I came in to see my daughter who was giving birth and the from desk receptionist in the ER is terrible. The room was completely empty & the phone rang once. She answered the phone and didn’t tend to me for 15 minutes. Then she gave me no direction and when I asked where the elevator was she raised her voice and rolled her eyes at me. I am truly disgusted by the disrespect this woman in the ER gave me. She doesn’t deserve a job in a hospital if she’s going to give off bad comments and vibes. Excitement for my daughter became frustration running around the building every hallway because this woman wouldn’t give me direction. (7 months ago)

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