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Holy Cross Germantown Hospital is now open, providing high quality health care to the region.

Holy Cross Germantown Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, MD.

Holy Cross Germantown Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Holy Cross Germantown Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This place isn't a hospital, it's garbage. The ER doctors and nurses are extremely dismissive and only want to push you out the door ASAP; neglecting to run tests or give patients appropriate care. The admin employees are even worse. I had to call Holy Cross after my visit because they billed me incorrectly. Within a minute of picking up the phone, the woman cut me off and began a separate (and by the sound of it, completely unnecessary) conversation with another employee. As soon as she FINALLY redirected her minuscule attention to me, she responded with "So what did you want?". All I was able to get out was "I was billed-" before she rudely cut me off again, haughtily said "Billing!" and transferred me over to that department. The "department" consisted of a broken answering machine. It took them months to sort it out and finally bill me correctly. I can only imagine that, based on my experience, the experience of other reviewers as well as acquaintances of mine who have also gone here that the few good reviews come from hospital staffers trying to raise the rating. Just a thought, but maybe if HC wants to raise it's rating, it could actually try to learn from these reviews and reports of horrible experiences and try to fix them. (2 weeks ago)

Used to be good three people in the waiting room right now I've been here for over an hour high blood pressure or heart issues but it's not moving and there were very few people when I first came in also we'll see how else it is when I go in used to be great that's why I like coming here but I don't know what's a little different tonight. Well now I'll spend two and a half hours maybe for I even lost count people coming in but no one going back don't know what the holdup is people sit down here at the ivies and no arms and blood pressure cuffs but no movement my head is still pounding my blood pressure still high. (in the last week)

I didn't care for the ER but was emitted to mental health unit. I've been to a few places. I highly recommend HCMH unit. The staff was amazing and went above and beyond to make is happy. I didn't like only 2 nurses and and a social worker. They had some kinda attitude. I just had to go to ER again it's been 1 year. I thought I was having gallbladder attack. The wait to be seen was very long but once I got in back it was fast. My nurse was great. My doctor was awesome. They did all kinds of tests more then other ER would do and it was fast and turns out I was fine. I like the ER. (2 months ago)

Absolutely fabulous staff quick and efficient and very helpful I appreciate them all very very much and for my next medical emergency I will visit them again once again the staff was very knowledgeable very thorough and very accommodating (a week ago)

This place is awful when it comes to communicating with patients and speedy service. All the staff just sit around looking at each other and chatting while patients aren’t checked on or cared for. There is no reason for someone to be in a room and not be assessed until after an ADDITIONAL 2 hours of waiting. There is no reason for someone to drop off supplies to treat an ailment and not return to perform the treatment until over an hour later. The only good things about this place are that it’s close to home and new enough to not be filthy. Also, when you express concerns about not being seen or having any communication with medical staff, they give the “there are a lot of people here”, which I completely understand. All it takes is a simple update to keep people calm. If registration can go around collecting insurance info, a nurse can pop in and give you an update or make sure there aren’t any changes in your status/ condition. (a month ago)

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