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HOLLAND COMMUNITY HOSPITAL - HOLLAND, MI. Institution representatives - add corrected or new information about HOLLAND COMMUNITY HOSPITAL ...

Holland Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ottawa County, MI.

Holland Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Holland Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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This hospital is clearly not about the patient but about the money. I had a physical in January that is covered 100% by my insurance. In July I got a bill for it. My insurance said it’s paid and I have no responsibility for it. I got another bill in August and the scenario repeats itself again in September and now in October. I spoke with the insurance company multiple times and each time they contacted the hospital to clear the bill but they want my money. My parents had a problem when they were told the insurance would not cover a service, but they did, and when they tried to get their money back, the hospital would not give it back until they threatened to sue them. Here’s additional proof the money is more important than the patient, I had a legitimate $100 bill to pay so I decided to pay $50 now and $50 the following month. Within a week of paying the first $50 the remaining $50 was sent to a collection agency! It’s about the money at Holland Hospital! One final note what the insurance company said. They said that Holland Hospital charges up to three times as much as any other hospital for their services. It’s not about the patient. My family and I have decided, like so many others I keep hearing, that if there’s an emergency then we go to Zeeland or G.R. No one needs the added stress this Hospital causes due to their greed and incompetence. I have also found a new doctor that is not affiliated with Holland Hospital. I am done with them. It’s unfortunate as I really liked my original doctor. (7 months ago)

I guess if you have to go to the emergency room this is where you need to be. Clean, professional and somewhat timely. I was very impressed with the mobile X-ray machine. Treated my Dad good today. Professional nurses. Very nice. Thank you!!! (9 months ago)

I've been having about 1 headache a week for the last year and they usually go away when I take something. Today that was not the case so I went to the ER to find out what was going on. I was there for less than 2 hours and never saw an actual doctor. I told the nurse about my family history of brain aneurysms and that my family also has Marfan syndrome. At first they said there wasn't much they could do because I need an MRI but they don't do those in the ER, then suddenly I found myself in a CT scan. They said the CT scan probably wouldn't show them the cause for my headache but they chose to do it anyway. CT scan came back normal no tumors or bleeding on the brain. I recently changed jobs and will not have insurance until mid January so I'm paying for this out of pocket and feel that they needed to make a little money off of me. They wrote me a prescription (that isn't doing anything for my headache) and said "etiology of headache is uncertain at this point". They knew what was needed for proper diagnosis and refused to do it. I really hope it's not a brain aneurysm. I now need a referral to a neurologist to get an MRI and the shortest wait to see one is 4 months. *side note* they never asked when my last menstrual period was. All doctors ask all women that. (5 months ago)

My experience was great. They took my situation seriously and took good care of me. Everyone was very professional but yet caring. I especially want to thank Lindsey, the first one I saw as they took me to my room. She really calmed me. Great job to everyone who helped me! (a year ago)

Horrible place to go ever. Cant bill correctly or in a timely manner. They dont take proper care of their patients and cant even bill your insurances. Do not go here. **edit*** I did call patient relations and have not received a call back... They really "care". (8 months ago)

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