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601 STATE ROUTE 664N, LOGAN, OH 43138
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LOGAN, OH 43138

A 92 bed acute care facility serving Hocking and surrounding counties.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Hocking County, OH.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Honestly I am shocked. This is the first time I have ever had issues here. This facility has been my go to for years for my children I do not know if its under a new administrator or if its understaffed but I am disappointed. Went in at 8:40 AM and left at 12:15 pm with out being seen by Dr. I got there thinking the service should be great it was super early in the day I was wrong. The registration was quick, however I sat and watched numerous other patient get seen that came in after me. I asked after waiting an hour and half if this was normal was told yes. I then asked at my two hour marker why it was taking so long did something happen? I was advised that Urgent Care did not open until 11 so I asked if I should re register for Urgent Care? The receptionist stated she would have to ask but sat there like do you want me to ask. I said yes please. She came back out and said they already did. After waiting the third hour I was done and went to other urgent care. I will never stop into this facility again. (2 months ago)

Took my 3 year old son in just for lab work that I had an order for. Waited in the ER surrounded by sick people. Asked if they could either register him or let us wait in the lab so he wasnt exposed to all the germs unnecessarily and was told no. So we walked out. During a previous visit we waited 3 hours to see a doctor in the middle of the night for an ear infection. Zero people ahead of us. As we waited in the room, the fire alarm went off. We were left in the room with no guidance. Had no idea if it was real or a drill...And in visiting the ER last month, a team of nurses came into the lobby dressed in hazmat type gear and began telling certain people to stand. They removed their chairs from the room, causing everyone to panic, yet wouldn't offer an explanation as to why. After finally demanding to know why my chair was taken away, they informed me the patient who'd sat in my chair had brought in bed bugs. Needless to say, I walked out... (2 months ago)

Last night on 12/29/2017 at approx 6:30 pm I rushed my 16 month old in when I woke him up from a nap and noticed his lips and fingers were purple- the second I got there they got me back even though the ER was completely full. The triage nurse ( I wish I remembered everyone’s names) was very quick and thorough on getting my son checked, then Admitting ( Allison I believe ) was so kind and helpful in getting us checked in and giving my daughter some crayons and pictures to keep her busy for our soon to be long night there.Then our main nurse, Cresent, was such a godsend that night- taking care of all 3 of us making sure the kids got a snack and a drink and keeping me updated on everything. Dr Juong was wonderful! Explained everything to me and was extremely kind to us. Radiology department ladies helped put my mind at ease when we had to do the dreaded baby chest x rays and were so very quick that it took no time getting it all done. I have never had such a good experience at the ER anywhere before and am truly thankful for every single staff member that helped us last night. I walked in panicked and left feeling very grateful and thankful. I know I forgot some names but every single staff member who was working last night in the ER was absolutely wonderful to my children and I. Thank you all so very much !!!!!!! (4 months ago)

I went in tonight for a infected and shown nerve and in so much pain I was crying and this Cindy doughty doctor came in said here put this in your mouth the pain was still there just as bad . When I was checked in I told them my allergy and what I've tried. And she gave me script of what I already told her wasn't working . She didn't ask me what was wrong . Nothing very rude. I'm still in so much pain I can't stand it (5 months ago)

Took my son here because in the past we got amazing care. He was sick fever, coughing(horrible whezeeing cough) vomiting. Kept getting past by people coming in after . After 3 or 4 people that came in after us. I went to the lady at the desk because she could check. Nope fixed the problem by being rude. Nah. I got teladoc that I will be using tonight(Thankfully got good insurance ) . Sorry I sure don't do rude and crappy service. To many choices out there for me to put up with that!! (7 months ago)

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