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HILO, HI 96720

The Human Resources of Hilo Medical Center is located at 140 Rainbow Drive, Hilo, HI 96720. For an application packet click on the links below.

Hilo Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hawaii County, HI.

Hilo Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hilo Medical Center is a government - state hospital.

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The whole staff was so believing amazing. Can't say enough. The er staff watched my 6 old kid when I had to have emergency surgery. Every person in that hospital has a beautiful soul. Thank you for saving my life. (5 months ago)

My daughter got there on December 16th severe headaches she was seeing stars THEY treated her terribly because she was brought in by ambulance who told her they are not a taxi..🙄🙄 NOW she suffers from emotional abuse and afraid to go back there.As they released her because they claim they found nothing wrong and talked about her like a dog😭😭😭😭She HAS ALL SIGNS OF A STROKE OR ANYERUSM..YOU F*** IDIOTS!! If ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY DAUGHTER I WILL OWN YOUR HOSPITAL AND THE CLINIC... AMBULANCE ANYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED TRUST ME I WILL NOT REST UNTIL YOU PAY!! (5 months ago)

Please excuse this late entry. I went into the ER mid-May while I was there visiting. I was in a lot of pain and from intake, all the way to when I left, I really felt the care and professionalism. I'm really grateful to a nurse called Dennis. He held my hand while I was getting treated and took care of me until I left. Thank you so much for your kindness Dennis. I am eternally grateful. And to the rest of the team working in the ER that Sunday morning on 5.14.17, thank you very much for your care. You guys all rock!!! (a year ago)

Absolutely some of the worst medical care I have ever recieved in my life. They treated me like I was extremely insignificant. (Mainly nurses) Went in for emergency surgery and they paired me with an elderly woman who needed assistance 4-6 times all through out the night, turning on all of the lights in the room, not only talking very loudly, but there was even a point at 4am where a nurse & her had a 30 minute conversation about hiking while I was right next to them trying to sleep. Absolutely INCREDIBLY inconsiderate and rude. & Of course, no day time napping for this same reason. In the morning after only getting 3 hours of sleep, i was awakened at 7am by the nurses opening all the blinds and saying hello to the patient next to me. From that point on I had outstanding migranes, naeusea and kidney pain for hours. I sat in bed vomitting, crying, hyperventaliting for hours while staff did nothing. Worse part is that when I asked to please switch rooms because I need to rest, the lady told me 5 seperate times she had to speak to her suporvisor (i saw 3 open beds 8 hours earlier). Afterwards she said there was no extra space and that we could possibly switch beds while i was in surgery with my roommate so she wouldnʻt bother me going to the bathroom so much in the middle of the night, considering my bed was closest to the bathroom. I come back from surgery and beds are the same. The ladyʻs daughter said she wanted her to have the view of the window even though it was going to be dark in an hour, her mom was getting discharged tomorrow morning AND she witnessed how much pain I was in all day. Her mom was fine. Only needed help walking. Just absolutely ridicuous. Lastly, after my procedure and the beds not being changed I asked to be discharged in order to sleep a good nights sleep without constant interruptipn. They advised me to stay because I was still vomiting. They told me they would give me everything I needed to help me fall asleep, relax and have a good nights sleep. Boy was I wrong for believing them. After being woken up by this lady and nurses loudy conversing, another 3 times from 9pm-10:40pm (one converstion was about plants & bamboo...) and most astonishingly after expressing my concern about not being able to sleep at all MULTIPLE times.. I have had it and just left. If you have the oppurtunity to not go to this hospital. Take it. (5 months ago)

I've visited emergency center last night fo my daughter's ear pain. Every doctors and nurses was very kind and their treatment was exactly perfact to my daughter. Thank you Dr.Wilson and the ER members in Hilo center. (7 months ago)

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