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TULSA, OK 74133

Hillcrest Hospital South offers a variety of services for all ages and in a location convenient for South Tulsa, Oklahoma residents including Emergency Room, Labor ...

Hillcrest Hospital South is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tulsa County, OK.

Hillcrest Hospital South does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hillcrest Hospital South is a proprietary hospital.

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I went in for a hysterectomy the 14th, the night RN, Donna, was amazing. The entire staff was great. I see several reviews regarding call buttons. I only used mine once, and was asked right away what I needed. Overnight the nurse (Donna) or tech (Kat) came in about every 30 minutes to check on me. During the day it was longer between but you have to keep in mind that during the day they are moving people in and out for surgery and the majority of patients are awake and in need. (3 months ago)

They suck and they dont care about nothing but money. The worst place ever I wouldn't send my dog there let alone me or my baby. Enter at your own risk (a week ago)

If i could give this place negative stars I would. Where do I begin? Its filthy for starters. The rooms, the bathrooms, the hallways. My grandmother was admitted on a Sunday morning and released on Wednesday afternoon despite a confirmed bacterial infection. She was incredibly weak and short of breath. The "doctor" would've known that if he came in more than once a day. If you push the nurse call button, it better not be an emergency because they aren't coming for awhile. Happened multiple times every single day. Anyway, my grandmother ended up being admitted to Hillcrest Tulsa the same evening that she was released because when she got home she began wheezing. She has had congestive heart failure for many many years and all they did at Hillcrest South was OVERLOAD her on fluids which brought on the pneumonia which caused her heavy chest and wheezing. So now she is recovering from that at Hillcrest Tulsa. Hillcrest South is as bad as South Crest was. Do not use this hospital for your care. I feel like the nurses and doctors that work here barely passed their exams. They are horrible. (5 months ago)

The Hillcrest South ER will kill you. I was admitted to the ER due to pain on the left side. I saw a nurse practitioner (no doctor, but of course Hillcrest will charge you as if you saw a doctor - any other ER I would have seen a doctor). She did NO physical examination but diagnosed me with a pulled muscle. They took a urine test (why? because they had to pad the bill - this had nothing to do with what my complaint was); wanted to start an IV right away before I had even had any tests done (why? to pad the bill - I refused it as my EKG was normal, my pulse and blood pressure was okay and I wasn't complaining of chest pain but lower left side). So with no physical examination and about 10 minutes in the room with me the nurse practitioner diagnosed me with a pulled muscle. Was going to send me home with no meds - but I asked for something and they gave me one pill muscle relaxer after I begged for it. Got home, got worse. Saw my own family physician who diagnosed PANCREATITIS. I should have been in a hospital bed! He was NOT happy with Hillcrest let me tell you. Now here's the kicker - the ER sent me home with the paperwork of ANOTHER PATIENT - a clear HIPAA violation! So for the pregnant lady who was in the ER the first week in May 2018, I now know your medical history as well as your social security number all thanks to the incompetence of Hillcrest ER. Don't worry, I destroyed that information. Too bad that this hospital probably sent my own private information home with some other patient. BTW this is my 2nd time in Hillcrest ER in about 15 years. The first time, my medical information was used in a health scam fraud within 3 months. This hospital has some SERIOUS issues in terms of care (misdiagnoses that could have killed me) and in violating federal privacy laws. (a week ago)

I’ve had good and bad experiences here. I gave birth here with Kim and she was great. Only thing I didn’t like is that they would only do exams on the babies in the nursery. That made me uncomfortable. I stayed with my NB the entire time because of it, meaning I had to leave my room. While in the nursery I witnessed a nurse give a newborn their shots under the lights and then just go back to her desk without even consoling him for a second. He was screaming bloody murder. I thought that was completely heartless. Because of that I never let them take my baby. It seems some of the nurses treat babies like animals at a factory. The ER here is quick but twice I had bad experiences there. Once a nurse (I’m assuming was new) put benedryl in my IV too close to my arm and I had a bad reaction. My throat closed and I was struggling to breath. I was pregnant at this time, and had come in for severe vomiting and nausea. He just stood there and watched me for a full minute until the feeling finally subsided. Scared the life out of me. Second bad experience in the ER I had gone in late in my pregnancy because I needed to get checked for blood clots. The technician who came to get me for a scan informed me not once but repeatedly how the dye they were giving me could damage my babies kidneys. She had me so worked up about it I was in tears through the entire scan. I came back and informed the nurses who told me she has a rep for scaring patients. So I filed a formal complaint and it eventually came back that they decided not to do anything because she was “just doing her job” even though I explained the entire situation. I understand needing to inform patients, however terrifying an already scared mother who HAS to have a procedure done to save her unborn child is NOT okay. I am also disappointed in how they decided to handle it. Because of this I will never go back. (3 months ago)

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