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Hill Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hill County, TX.

Hill Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hill Regional Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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It was pretty bad! Lee, Sarah, and the other respiratory lady were wonderful! High five to you ladies! But as far the doctor, I've seen him twice now. Once with a "mysterious stomach virus" which was never officially diagnosed, in which he told me "Your gallbladder looks good"... I do not own a gallbladder as of the age of 14. So, that kind of tripped me out. Second time I saw him was a week ago, and he said I have bronchitis. No big deal, besides the fact I stated to him MULTIPLE times that the bottom of my throat felt like it was closing, still does, but gave me a breathing treatment, and sent me on my way. No shots, nothing besides a prescription for steroids, and an inhaler. Did not bother to check my white blood cell count for infection, touch my throat to feel for inflammation, nothing. I literally saw him for 3 minutes in the course of a 3 hour period. To this day Im still having troubles breathing, eating swallowing just saliva, etc. He isn't doing his job very well. I love the nurses, and other people but he just comes in for a couple of minutes, doesn't hear anything you say, and then has the magical diagnoses off of basically nothing. Worst ER I've ever experienced! Waste of my time, and money! EDIT: I had to go in again tonight. It was a very abrupt thing. I told the nurse and doctor SEVEN times I have had fever a few times in the last few days. They didn't bother to check me for an infection from a ruptured cyst on my ovaries. They just said "it's probably viral". I DONT FEEL SICK AT ALL! They asked me if I had congestion there times. Told them no every time. Made it clear I just had pain, and no symptoms related to colds or allergies the staff doesnt listen to me. Worst ER. They got lucky that we needed to stay close to home or I would have gone to Waco or Cleburne. (in the last week)

I had my son at Hill Regional in November. My experience with the hospital and the staff was wonderful - we were treated well with everyone and received great care. My rating is because of what we've experienced since coming home. It started with an astronomical bill - I had a natural delivery with no pain medications and had him within 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital. However my first bill was over $5,000 - this is more than I've paid for three c-sections prior to this! Our insurance and benefits have not changed, so this raised a huge red flag. I called asking to receive an itemized bill and got the runaround from them for 2 months. When I called trying to figure things out, they stated that Christmas and a couple ice days had delayed us receiving an itemized bill, but that it would go out shortly. When weeks passed by and I still didn't have one in hand, I contacted my insurance company to get an EOB for charges they'd paid out. I noticed multiple charges EOB from my Insurance that never happened (like a circumcision for my son a night we didn't stay in the hospital), I called Hill Regional and told them I would be reporting them for insurance fraud. That finally got things moving and I finally received "Request for Itemized Statement" forms in the mail. That's right. You can't request an itemized statement over the phone. It has to be done in writing. I mailed them back and it took another month to finally receive my itemized statement for myself and my son. There are several fraudulent charges on the bill; I was charged for a room for the night we came to the hospital, however it was many hours after midnight when we actually made it to the room since my son was born only a few minutes before midnight. My son was charged for two nights as well when the scenario was the same. I was charged for a lactation consultant I never saw, medication I never received, my newborn son was tested for multiple STDs without my knowledge or consent and a circumcision that he never received. Then only a couple days after finally receiving the itemized statements in the mail, I received a past due notice in the mail notifying me that my account will be sent to collections if not paid in full within a weeks time. I have been told on the phone multiple times that my account is being placed on hold until we received the itemized statements. The whole billing process has been an absolute nightmare. Avoid this hospital unless you want to be dealing with fraudulent charges and awful billing policies! (a month ago)

I’m giving it one star because i can’t rate zero. This hospital has almost cost me my life twice now. This is the worst hospital I’ve ever had to go to i will never come back (2 months ago)

I went last night I was sore all over to the point it was hard to sit up and I couldn't even keep water down. I shared with the lady in admissions that I didn't have a thermometer at home so I wasn't sure if I had fever and she said okay well it'll be a wait. I'm crying in pain, no one ever came to take my temp, as a matter of fact we waited so long (about 2 hours) that'll I decided to just turn around and go back home. There were people laughing and having a good old time while I'm waiting in pain. Today I'm still in pain and possibly running a fever. I still haven't decided if I should go back since it's so close or just go to Cleburne. Terrible first experience. (3 months ago)

service sucks takes forever to tell you what’s going on with you / your kid .staff is always standing around talking or goofy if off !! Come here if you want to wait a whole year to get results .doctors suck dr ombaba is no help only see him once to do what the nurse does and walk out er is horrible (3 months ago)

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