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Hill Country Memorial Hospital Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Gillespie County, TX.

Hill Country Memorial Hospital Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hill Country Memorial Hospital Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I recently delivered our third child at the HCM Women's Pavilion, and my heart couldn't be more full of love for the entire staff. Every single person who stepped into our room showed an outpouring of love, compassion, patience and above all - treated us like family. I feel like I've known those nurses my whole life. :) Lori, Amber, Bonnie, Connie, Diane, Wynter, Christina, Natalie, Renee..those are just a few names of the amazing women who took care of me, my husband, and our new baby girl during our stay. To say these ladies are amazing is an understatement - they will forever hold a very special place in my heart. If you're in the hill country and looking for a place to deliver your special little one that feels like home - I couldn't recommend this hospital more. (a week ago)

Doctors here are in it for just a paychecks and dont care for the patients same as most of the nurses except a few handful. Beware Doctors here will give some bs diagnosis. Recommend to look up what diagnosis they give cause 9 out of ten it's usually has nothing to do with your symptoms. Example im supposed to have gastritis. (2 months ago)

When I ran out of a medicine that you can't just quit cold turkey, but my psychiatrist was out of town, I was advised to call the Go Clinic. All I needed was 1(one) pill to get me through tonight, so I could sleep. After waiting for a return call, a very "put out" NP told me, "Oh well, it's not that bad. That drugs therapeutic levels won't be affected in one night!" Well Nurse its 4:30 in the morning and I can't stop crying and I haven't slept a wink. So I guess you are wrong! As I told you, I know my body (I've been on this medicine since 2010) and if I skip a dose, not only does it make me feel like my body is reviving shock therapy, but I cannot sleep. (Not that you give even the tiniest care) I'm sure if you'd known me, this would have been no problem. But since I was a faceless, frightened nobody on the phone...close to quitting time...well you get the point. I hope you or someone you love, never have to experience the hell that I have been going through since I got off the phone with you almost 12 hours ago, but we all know that You get what you give. You didn't even try to help me. My emergency room copay is very expensive, but if no one will help me tomorrow, I will have no other choice. I can't go through another night like this. I hope that there is a better plan in place for people with mental health issues when they run into emergency situations like I did this week. Because these people at the Go Clinic do not care. Period. (7 months ago)

On 11/2/17 I was in the hospital for an outpatient surgery procedure. When I got there I was greeted and helped out by the volunteers and got through the process of registration. After that my Mom and I were taken upstairs to get me ready for surgery. My nurse in pre op was Nikki and she was amazing! Had to have 2 IVs in each hand for the surgery I was having. She explained everything that was going on and made me feel comfortable and safe. Then Dr. Davis and Dr. Childers were my anesthesiologist and they were also amazing. Dr. Robertson was the one who did my surgery and told my mom and I how things were going be done and that he would update my mom afterwards. He is such a caring doctor and since this was my first orthopedic surgery to have done he was excellent. My OR nurses Brittney and Lisa were really sweet and just made me feel at ease since I was nervous about having this surgery. Afterwards I went to recovery and 30mins later I was able to go home. Even got a phone call from Dr. Robertson that night to see how I was doing. I just wanted to say I'm really glad that I had my surgery done at HCM. The staff and my doctor I can't thank enough. Thank you for helping me and having great doctors and nurses that rock! Will never go to another hospital for any procedure and will definitely be keeping my doctors that are with HCM. (6 months ago)

I am posting this review here because the review I posted to their website is not posted. Someone called immediately after I posted it a week ago and they never posted the actual review. THEY MONITOR REVIEWS AND ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT. -- Original review: I went in for an annual Well Woman exam. Upon leaving, I was charged a "specialty" copay even though I should not have been. I had not previously used my insurance, so I was initially unaware that I should not have been charged a copay. The only reason that I questioned it is because I overheard the Dr. Tull's nurse, Brittany, whisper to the receptionist, Amelia, "I don't think you're supposed to charge her, but oh well. Go ahead and charge it and if it shouldn't have been charged, we can give her a credit." - This was highly unprofessional. - However, since I did not know at the time, I did not say anything. I just paid the bill. I later called my insurance and confirmed that I should not have been charged. I called the office and had to be transferred at least 6 times before I could reach someone who could assist me in refunding my money. In addition to the wrongfully charged copay, Dr. Tull requested lab work and I was told that I could call the lab beforehand to confirm pricing. I called the lab multiple times, I visited the lab in person, I called registration, I called Dr. Tull's office, I called billing, and was transferred to multiple people in all of those departments. Not a single person was able to tell me how much the lab work would cost me. So I contacted my insurance. They told me I would be responsible for a certain percentage of whatever the facility charges them and that I need to determine the cost from the facility... which I was already unable to do. Sure a lot of this can be attributed to the healthcare system as a whole, but at some point the hospital would have to bill me for the labs. So at that point, they would have to determine a price. I don't understand why that price can't be determined in advance. Back to the lady that was able to get me a refund for the wrongfully charged copay.... she stated, "The nurse is supposed to get all of the pricing information for you if it is requested. If she did not, she is just be lazy and not doing her job." So I reached out to the nurse, Brittany again requesting pricing, again I was denied pricing and she recommended me going to a different facility that is not associated with Hill Country Memorial. I then explained that I was still awaiting my refund on the copay that she whispered to the receptionist about and not once did I get an apology or an acknowledgement for her unprofessionalism. -- In the meantime, I was told the day of my appointment, Aug 24, that I would receive the money that they wrongfully charged me within 10 business days. 10 business days later, I still had not received my money. So I contacted them AGAIN. Still no apology for the nurse's unprofessionalism or the wrongful charge. I was told I would receive my money the following week (the present week) and I still have not received it. I have however, received (in the mail) a notice that I WILL be receiving the money as well as a separate envelope containing Customer Satisfaction Survey that emphasizes their "Remarkable Care," but not the funds that the owe me. Remarkably TERRIBLE. (8 months ago)

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