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Highland Hospital of Rochester, NY specializes in orthopaedic surgery, joint replacement surgery, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, gastric bypass and weight ...

Highland Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monroe County, NY.

Highland Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Highland Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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There was nobody in the waiting room when I got to the hospital, they got me to a room quickly but after that I felt like a lost soul as they took forever to accomplish a thing, being in pain waiting for meds and not being serviced for long period of time. After they finally came to attend me and stuff it started to get even worse as they began to discriminate against me for being on medicaid and having a criminal background. These people play too many games by making you wait for medicine, testing, and speaking with a doctor. They also sent the prescriptions to the wrong pharmacy (probably on purpose) which caused even more delays and nonsense. They all think that people with Medicaid welfare and possible criminal backgrounds are all junkies and treat you like garbage even if you're not using drugs at the time so you get poor quality service and treatment and serious delayed services. (3 weeks ago)

It's unfortunate that I can't give them one star. Was in the waiting room for 1.5 hours. Was told people were in the waiting room for 2 hours already. Only ONE person was called while I was there. There were people crying in pain and all I saw were employees walking around. Disgraceful. (3 weeks ago)

I’ve been admitted to Syracuse hospitals 9 times in the past 6 months. 11 days ago having a perforation of my intestines and sent home without surgery as well as my appendix inflamed. Since Syracuse didn’t fix the issue and i’ve been in excruciating pain for the past 4 days I wanted another opinion and was referred to this hospital. The ER got me in a room immediately but then the staff forget about you. I’ve been here 7 hours and it took 4 hours before they gave anything for pain or even run an xray on my stomach. The dr. In the ER tonight came in to discharge me knowing what i have going on and before even looking at the results of my xray! Every time I have pushed my call button besides once, nobody has came to help or acknowledged me. But i see them all at the desk and they are talking about facebook and snapchat but ignoring patients. WORST ER/HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE i’ve ever had! (2 weeks ago)

This hospital has very little hospitality; I can only speak for myself and my care is important and a lot of people are treated poorly based on race and matter what insurance you have or race you are there should not be a delay in your care neither should you go home with out being diagnosed or feeling uncertain in your American women all together Black women are ranked 7 times more likely to die during pregnancy or birth and this is not due to not attending doctors appointments regularly or taking care /eating of themselves and or economics they’re being misdiagnosed not receiving the proper care etc ..we live in a country were the system needs to be corrected ..unfortunately we have to be seen by a variety of doctors let them into our lives and expect to be safe and hope that we are receiving the best health care ; but in many cases it has been proven that the health care system has failed Black women in many cases..All health care professionals should take every moment seriously in practice from the moment a patients in they’re care and there should be no exceptions (4 months ago)

I caught all the nurses working this afternoon talking about me smh..I can't believe how horrible they treat you here!!!! I'm pregnant with kidney pain. I was placed in the hallway where a nurse comes and asked me to put on a gown and wait here. I asked if I had to put my gown in the hallway (tiny Curtain surrounding a chair I was sitting in) she said there isn't any rooms "I can't create a bed for you" I told her I know you can't create a bed for me. That wasn't very nice. She said what do you want me to do? I said I may want to go somewhere else if I'm treated like this here. She said ok and left. I went to find someone in charge to talk to and found all the nurses laughing at what she said to me and the other nurses said well bye!! Go somewhere else. I told them I can hear them talking about me and spoke to the head nurse. I'm very disappointed in my experience. It's very sad that people think it's ok to treat and talk to people that way. (2 months ago)

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