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3333 W DE YOUNG, MARION, IL 62959
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MARION, IL 62959

No matter the reason for your visit, Heartland Regional Medical Center's quick launch icon can help you get the information you need, ... Marion, IL 62959

Heartland Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Williamson County, IL.

Heartland Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Heartland Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Staff Was great I would give them Five stars... As for this Hospital's Billing department, its a joke. I paid my bill ahead of time(NEVER DO THAT HERE) then after my procedure I get the bill and i had over paid. No big deal i thought they would just give me the $580 i over paid. I called MANY times at first they kept saying they hadn't got the info from my insurance yet... so i called my insurance company they said it had all went through and they had been paid 3 weeks earlier. So i had my insurance company call them with me on the line. They kept going in circles and said they would re-send it to the department that handles this. Okay so three days goes by and i try to call Billing again to check the status of my refund, they keep hanging up on me and not taking my calls. I have called over and over 20 or more times and every time just happen to get disconnected. If this review can stop at least one person from going there good. I will never go there again. If you have to go here pay when you get your bill from insurance because you won't get your money back. (3 weeks ago)

This is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at a hospital. The staff here are rude and racist and do not accommodate to anything you ask for. Also they discriminate against you for being honest about being in recovery after I was honest they stopped wanting to give me pain medication which I need. I’ve asked for water four times and still nothing they have not help treat my pain level I’m in here with sepsis and another kidney infection they won’t even check my temperature they completely ignored me just utterly the worst experience of my life I recommend that NOBODY go here because you’re more than likely die With the way they get to things. They don’t even deserve one star!!! (a month ago)

This hospital is the best around here in my opinion, they took in my father (who has COPD and emphysema) who had pneumonia. Nobody else would take him because he wasn’t “stable enough”. Even his original hospital VA wouldn’t take him. I’m very great-full that they helped try to save my fathers life, sadly he passed but they did their best. (4 months ago)

I am very un happy with this hospital. my father was there and he had called me and told me he had a seizure on his bike and fell. I called the hospital they did not want to tell me any information on him. I stated I was his poa which by law I make his medical decisions. i was never called that my father was in the hospital. i am his emergency contact, he then walked out of the hospital and i still POA never got a phone call. I called back and talked to the manager and asked him why i was never informed he told me that my POA wasn't with him i have gave him thes twice already then he tells me that its in medical records. wouldn't ur staff call and get that when i told them i had POA over him!!!! or even call me knowing my father was not cable of making his own choices at this time. my father goes back ever i will go get him myself and we will go to sih forget this (2 months ago)

The WORST experience of my life. I will never be back to this hospital. Ever. (I wanna add that the EXPERIENCE was awful, however the OB nursing staff and is AMAZING!! They were the sweetest people I have ever met. Especially since I was having such a hard time, they kept me sane and gave me and my baby the best care possible. They deserve recognition for going above and beyond for their patients.) (8 months ago)

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