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Woodwinds Health Campus opened its 86-bed hospital in August 2000. Located on 30 acres of pristine wetlands in Woodbury, MN, it's the only hospital in the southeast ...

Healtheast Woodwinds Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Washington County, MN.

Healtheast Woodwinds Hospital does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Healtheast Woodwinds Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This place was amazing. Came in with a minor dog bite and was triaged immediately. Nurse met with me shortly there after and he was wonderfully kind and compassionate. Doctor explained next steps and the nurse tech in training helped me with my wounds. 100% recommended. After visiting the ER in downtown St Paul and leaving after 3 hours of little care, this place is now the only place I would go. (4 weeks ago)

Poor overall service. Post hydrocodone injection into back was not eliminating the pain. The procedure brought even great pain than the previous one. MRI people were outstanding. Doctor and Nurse were unable to prescribe the Oxycontin due to minimum time schedules attached to each medication in spite of my primary doctor recommending doubling the dose as needed. One nurse rolled her eyes at my wife life I was a "druggie looking for more drugs" which is not the case. I am disciplined but need pain relief. Very disappointing. (2 weeks ago)


4 incredibly bad experiences (read: you cant make up what happened) in the past 10 years, never again. Attempted to reconcile with ‘patient services’ = it fell on deaf ears/had absolutely no impact on their services. The management for this hospital is clearly asleep behind the wheel. Sad, as its a beautifully constructed hospital. (2 weeks ago)

Horrible experience at woodwinds. On last days of June 2018, when my wife went to labor for having our first baby, we went to Woodwinds Hospital at Woodbury. We had visited their nurse mid-wives and, we had a tour of hospital, so the hospital and some of the mid-wives were familiar to us. We went there so much excitement and joy for having the best experience in our lives, having our first baby, and cuddling the little one that we waited 9 months for him. As you may have guessed so far, this is not a fairy tale. We had a horrifying experience that had impacted our family in a way that we never expected. My wife cannot walk without walker even two weeks after the labor. The reason? NERVE FIBER DAMAGE DURING PUSHING PHASE OF LABOR. Bellow I am telling you why Woodwinds hospital should be responsible for the damage that they caused to our family and there are not even care about it. If you care about your health and happiness of your family, consider another more reliable hospital for the labor. They have very irresponsible staffs including nurses and midwives and they have a very low standard for their medical practices, so that any damage to their patients during their practice would be considered NORMAL in their standard! Some notes about our terrible experience at Woodwinds hospital: 1- The midwife on call at that day was not even trying to interact with my wife during the active phase of labor. She was leaving the room to check other patients every 15 minutes and when she was in the room she was checking her phone or just repeating the same three words; push, more, even more. Since she even was not checking my wife position during pushing phase, or how strong the nurse is pushing my wife foot and pinching her knee, the nurse was running the whole process. The only time that the midwife was in action was the minute that the baby head was coming out, she grabbed the head and baby. This midwife failed on preventing the nerve damage due to enormous amount of pressure that the nurse was applying to my wife foot. 2- The nurse that was our only hope that night was not aware of how much damage she is causing by pinching my wife knee during pushing period. Worst than that? She left the room several times and my wife and I remained ALONE FOR SEVERAL CONTRACTIONS DURING PUSHING PERIOD. We were wondering what happens if baby head comes out now and NO ONE ELSE IS IN THE ROOM TO HELP HIM!!!! 3- Two days after delivery, when we realized that my wife knees are numb and completely immobile, another midwife tried to discharge us and send us home, while my wife needed three nurses helping her to go to bathroom! What she was thinking that moment about safety of my wife and our baby? I don’t know. 4- After confronting the above issues with other midwives and the manager of nurses and the manager of midwifes, we just saw a very defensive reaction from them. Neither the nurse or the midwife came to show any sympathy with my wife and me. The managers tried to cover for their staff, and the staff don’t care about how they are ruining patients’ lives. 5- Other issues: a. We waited 3 hours to receive a pump to begin the induction. b. There is no neurologist specialist in Woodwinds and neurologists of St. John hospital won’t visit patients at Woodwinds. Now, more than two weeks passed the labor, my wife can barely move her knees, but they are still very weak to stand her weight. To take care of our newborn son and keeping my wife safe, I had to stay at home and had to hire a nanny to cover my short grocery trips or my wife doctor visits. You may think that lack of sleep might be the biggest concern after having baby, but that is least of our concerns now. I know the above note is very long to be considered as a review, but trust me, this is not even the complete list of our troubles at Woodwinds. My wife and I are ready to provide you more specifics including the names, and dates for your references. (in the last week)

My boyfriend came to the ER with a dog bite on his lip and from the moment we got there everyone was amazing. Nurse Jessica was great and Dr. Jodi was wonderful. They took amazing care of us and made us laugh during the whole process. They both were so fun and made us feel at ease. Great job ladies! (5 months ago)

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