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From the moment patients and visitors walk into HealthEast St. John's Hospital, they experience our warm, inviting atmosphere and caring, personal staff.

Healtheast St John's Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ramsey County, MN.

Healtheast St John's Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Healtheast St John's Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went to the ER for help with my mental health. Didn't even get a chance to talk to a social worker or psychiatrist about my condition before they decided to send me home with a prescription. The doctor was condescending, and told me for the sake of my job resume, I should just go home. The nurses were very sweet and helpful. Overall I probably won't go back for mental health issues, showing they don't take it serious. Very disappointing. :( (a month ago)

I brought my mother here for a serious knee injury and waited in the ER for literally 4 1/2 hours and people who came in after us kept going ahead and bumping us down the list. Never seen that done at a hospital before, never coming here for ER again if I don’t have to. Not to mention that when I tried asking the triage nurse about the wait she would go hide through the doors before I could get a chance to talk to her. Idk maybe it was because I looked pissed. I usually have a lot of patience but after 4 1/2 hours of waiting it almost ran out. There was also an 89 year old woman that was waiting almost as long as we were who was terribly ill and they wouldn’t even update her family on how long the wait was either. (a month ago)

I was in the er 1 week ago for some extreme abdominal pain, that was so bad that it was causing me to throw up, unable to walk, and actually scream, and I have an unnaturally high pain tolerance. The nurse that places my IV destroyed my vein. She used too large of a needle that she literally just slammed into my arm with no warning. Immediately a large lump grew under the insert site. She even said "damn I ruptured your vein" and instead of removing it and using a different vein, it was left in my arm for the next 8 or 9 hours, 2 f those hours were with nothing attached to the iv port, I had to beg several times for them to remove it finally. My arm is still internally bleeding. I went to my regular clinics urgent care a few days later, just to be safe and both the nurse and doctor were shocked at everything. The needle hole is still visible on my arm, and they both said it was way to big of a gauge and wasnt even in the correct spot, she had nearly inserted the iv into my tendon! Thankfully, while currently I have the internal bleeding, weakness and pain in my arm, there isnt any permanent damage so far, but as my doctor said, it can take a few MONTHS for my arm to finally heal and the bruising to fade, and let me know exactly what to watch for, and if any of that happens then I'll need emergency surgery. And if that does happen, trust me, I will be going anywhere but st John's! The er doctor was also extremely rude, kept yelling at me to talk to her despite the fact that I was currently filling up my 3rd barf bag. Then sent me home because she "did not know what the hell was wrong with me". Oh, and that same doctor was also in the room when the nurse placed the iv, and did nothing, said nothing, just stood there and watched her mess up and the blood start to pool underneath my skin. I dont go to hospitals or doctors often, but I've been enough in my lifetime, and this was by far the worst, most traumatic, painful and unhelpful medical visit I have ever had myself or even witnessed! (2 weeks ago)

Terrible service, terrible staff. I asked for more blankets THREE times and the diffrent nurses wouldn't get off the computer. On top of that I had asked multiple pieces of information and they had to find out and then let me know, which was fine. The problem was not one actually came to answer any questions. The surgeon said we would start bright and early around 7am and still no where to be found and the staff just very rudely says I don't know and keeps walking. (3 months ago)

I am with A W's review. I had the same move to another section. Not only that, I received a lot worse service when moved. Also, we were told a lie from the charge nurse that the room was bigger better and the bed is better. All of it was a lie. My wife was very upset we decided to just leave. Technically this could be a one star but I'll give another star because the service was fine when we were in maternity care. Nurses were kind and nice. Calls was was pretty prompt and they will even check on us time to time. But I won't have my child here again. Apparently they really love to move people around a lot in maternity care and they operate really crappy. (6 months ago)

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