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Healthalliance Hospitals, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Worcester County, MA.

Healthalliance Hospitals, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Healthalliance Hospitals, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The hospital itself is great! The emergency room is the problem, it’s over run and understaffed. I went there with trouble breathing, chest pain and couldn’t move my left arm. I had pain in my back , side and chest. I was put on a monitor and oxygen and told the doctor I felt like my arm was numb. He said they would do blood work and see what happens. Three hours later I was put in the hallway and taken off the monitor and O2. I told the nurse I was still in a lot of pain and she said the doctor will come and see you. An hour later she came over with my discharge papers and said I could go home. I said I didn’t feel comfortable going home and she said you have already been discharged and there is nothing else they can do. I went home to try and sleep and ended up going to Clinton hospital the next day. Within an hour I was diagnosed with a severe case of pleurisy and was put on two antibiotics an inhaler and a steroid. The doctor said I was smart to come in, if I waited any longer I would have been hospitalized. I will never go to Leominster ever again. (in the last week)

I've been reading the reviews on this hospital and just wanted to add mine. I too hate the amount of time it takes to be seen in the ER but has anyone stopped to think about why? Maybe it's the large number of people that treat the ER as a primary care physician. Or maybe it's those people that can easily go to their primary care during the week but wait until the weekend when they have no choice but to go to the ER. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've been up there because a family member has been brought in by ambulance and I have seen people waiting that have a stubbed toe, a cold, and other such minor things that could be treated at Burbank (as one reviewer noted, which means if they could go there then it wasn't an ER need since Burbank is a Urgent Care facility and NOT an ER). Now, I cannot confirm that their nurses and doctors are always the best or nice (although I haven't had any issues with either or them) but what hospital can say that theirs are always the best and always nice. Both are very overworked in the ER and after seeing so many people that have minor medical needs that are taking up lots of time that are better spent on those that have major medical needs I would think you might be cranky once in a while too.... I know I would and probably be fired for yanking some of them by their hair if I had to tolerate the disrespect I've seen take place and once I saw a man threaten a nurse for no reason except the doctor wouldn't prescript a painkiller (I wonder why?) So, all I can say is where you gonna go when you need your life saved? Thank God we at least have a place to go. (2 months ago)

Came here in need of help at the the ER was taken in asap.the nurses were great caring and the on call mental health provider was great.and I'm being cared for now awaiting placement.! (3 months ago)

Went in for a mammogram. Nurses and staff were very friendly and helpful! (a month ago)

Visited UMass Memorial's Leominster Emergency Room for the first time and was just bowled over by both the skills and humanity of the staff. To my two nurses Donna and Debbie, to the ER receptionist Sarah, and to the wonderful Dr. Hanson who took care of me, thanks for being not just good at your jobs technically, but for being so caring and compassionate. Hospitals can be a cold, rushed and unwelcoming place, with harried staff and brusk manners, and while that is in some ways understandable, UMass Memorial - Health Alliance is the exception to that rule, and I highly recommend it based on my treatment there today. Five stars! (4 months ago)

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