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Located in Charlotte, MI, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital's site contains FastHealth information, hospital news, classes and events, employment and physician ...

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Eaton County, MI.

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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This hospital is closer than sparrow for me. I regret coming every time. Never anyone in the waiting room but it takes forever. The last two times the Dr said I should follow-up with my primary Dr and nothing more is needed. I then waited more than an hr in my room to be discharged. I even used the call button in my room to get someone to check on me and they said someone would be with me soon. No one ever came! Without a doubt, they are the slowest hospital I have ever been to. Most of the people I know have had similar experiences. I have learned my lesson - I will never return to this hospital. (2 months ago)

Despite a long history of my family supporting this institution, I cannot in good conscience recommend it to others. I can give pretty strong marks for the ER, however. I hope that someday in the future better times will be found here. (a week ago)

I have had to get shots in my back for the last 3 month's and Dr. Cohen and the nurses are doing a great job. Sharon she has been doing her job for 52yrs and is a very caring person. Just want to thank everyone. (a month ago)

Before using this hospital I would recommend reading the reviews!! So disappointed in this hospital I have never waited so long for a lab test in our lives, then picking people outa order,with no spots, Even other people in the waiting room were wondering what is going on!! It's very easy to see that the registration staff has no clue or concern about the patients! Cannot believe this place is actually open still.. just wow!!! P.s. the wait with no one in the waiting room will take hours!! (3 weeks ago)

Worst ER experience I’ve ever had. I went in with a high fever and was dehydrated and out of it. I have a long list of concerns about this place - from the ER staff to the Management to the “patient satisfaction team” who is worse than all of them. Here is a list of my complaints: 1. Due to the fever - I was freezing. I asked repeatedly for a blanket and was told this isn’t allowed. I asked for a covering of some kind and was told I could have a sheet which was never provided... despite repeated requests. 2. I told them I was fasting (prior to my admission) and asked for water and was told I couldn’t have any water until after the doc evaluated one ever came back after that so I went for hours with no water. 3. I told them I was fasting and was there from 5:30-10ish and was never offered any kind of food. 4. The nurses and staff were cold, rude and inattentive during the whole evening. 5. Dr Monticelio sp? Was great (I thought) when he came in to talk with us but then I found out later that I was wrong. 2 different people came to the room to do tests that he ordered and we thought they had the wrong room (as these tests were not part of my condition) - when they both insisted they were in the right room...I asked to get some added details on why this was needed and no one came back to ever tell me why. 6. After 3 trips out to the nurses station to try to get some assistance with food/drink/covering/answers on lab/blood tests/answers on why tests were ordered/removal of IV - we never could get anyone to come back in. They also refused to provide a bandaid to take out my own IV. Also - every trip out to the station included gossiping nurses (kids and TV shows) and rudeness that we dare ask them to do their jobs after abandoning me as a patient. 7. I took out my own IV so we could go home and some stranger I had never seen came into the room while we were leaving and physically blocked our exit and YELLS at us that we couldn’t leave until we showed her my arm ?? That I had taken the IV out. Which we showed her several times the IV was laying on the bed (no trash in the room). 8. After self discharge- called head of ER (Mr. Allen) twice to share this experience. Couldn’t get a return call. Called his Manager and Mr Allen called back in 10 minutes. I explained all of the above and he acknowledged he had had multiple complaints about these same things and at one point admitted he was stumped on what to do with the gossiping nurses ...said he had considered taking away their chairs. He was apologetic for the terrible experience and asked me how he could make things right? The bill? A phone call detailing how he addressed this with his staff? I told him no need for any of that as I felt he would be addressing (or already was trying to address) the concerns brought up. However I was hoping he could get my lab/blood test results and share those with me as I never got the results during the visit. He said no problem. 9. No phone call back from Mr Allen with anything!? Should I be surprised? Not at this point. It’s no wonder to me why this ER staff behaves the way they do with a manager like this. 10. I get the bill and given the further failure by Mr Allen, I call his manager back Tiffany Frier (the only one who returns phone calls promptly) and share that I would now like my bill addressed (as previously offered) and why. She apologized and said I really needed to talk to patient satisfaction department and says they will call me. 11. Patient satisfaction calls and is rude to me the entire call. Telling me angrily that “I Refused tests so what did I expect!?”, “I have proof in your chart that a nurse came to check on you every 20-30 minutes”, “if you wanted your results then you should have waited for them” This is not a hospital I would take a dog to. Don’t let this happen to you. They don’t care if your satisfaction isn’t met. Look at these reviews !? Same stuff different days/months with no changes. If I hadn’t been out of it due to the high fever...I would have looked these up and never would’ve gone here. (in the last week)

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