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Hartford Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hartford County, CT.

Hartford Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hartford Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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The Orthopedic team we had was amazing, did a perfect job setting my wife's wrist. Five stars on that part, couldn't be more pleased! Unfortunately, the emergency room is an emergency room, expect strange wait times (triage is hard, and you may not have top priority). They also (like all emergency rooms) sometimes have trouble re-joining families after a transfer. (a week ago)

If I could I would give them negative 5 for the emergency room. Been here since 5pm and I’m still waiting it’s 11pm now.. I was in a robe waiting in a hallway for 3 hours... I wouldn’t recommend this emergency room for emergency!!! I been extremely patient for the amount of pain I’m in.. also I asked for a doctor note for work and was told I have to wait till I get discharged papers.. at this point I just want to go home.. Also the staff is just there talking amongst themselves about there personal life.. And they just have people like my self and other sick and not well or extremely injured just waiting off in a corner hallway.. feels like “outta sight outta mind”... I would take a picture but don’t want the surrounding Patients feel like Im invaded there space.. Also NO ONE CAME TO CLEAN THIS HALLWAY CORNER AFTER EXTREMELY SICK PEOPLE BEEN HERE.... (a month ago)

i had to take my mother in law in emergency a few days ago. honestly it was one of the most bizarre experience. the queue was very long, some people were holding up, some were in severe pain, looking like they might start scream and roll on the floor . hospital stuff looked like it has nothing to do with them, nurses were chit-chatting, doctors googling images, drivers and firemen flirting with nurses, generally it looked like that hospital is place of a vibrant social life. some patients actually left (!?) before getting help (i don't if they went home, another hospital, or strategically position themselves next to a cemetery) . after more than an hour of waiting we were moved to ... another chair 5 meters deeper into the hospital, then she has to wait another hour, than a doctor showed up, - pretty much personification of tranquility. I haven't witness the rest (overall whole adventure took 10 hours (!?)), but according to mom in law everybody was moving with a speed of thoughtful snail, she was back home at 6am. i mean i understand that the professional skills of hospital stuff is pretty much a basket-case, but just have some human decency. (2 months ago)

This place is a dump! It is filthy, the staff is rude, and the hospital is to capacity. What does that even mean, filled to capacity? Then why are you not rerouting? Why are allowing people to be transported to your hospital? Are you about helping people or making as much money as possible? After being transported to this hell hole, to have a procedure done that the original hospital couldn't do, we waiting 2 hours in a " waiting" room for a room in the er. No monitors or anything, then asked to walk to the er room and wait for a stretcher. Then we waited 4 hours to be seen by an extremely rude resident, who had no clue why we were there, and could not answer any questions. Then another 2 hour wait, to be told that the first hospital was over reacting! But that we would be admitted anyway, that we would have to spend the night in the er, as the hospital is full. That they would order food for us and someone would be back shortly to help us get situated. 3 hours later, a hospital bed was brought in, and when we asked about food, we were told it was ordered. That was it! So, in an effort to find something, I walked around till I found a desk with people. Who tried their best to avoid eye contact and then couldn't tell me where a vending machine or a place to buy food was! It gets worse from here!!!!! We had a couple of very nice nurse but that is it. And this horrific experience isn't over yet, we are still here waiting for the medical test, which may or may not happen this morning. Never again!!!! We are more stressed, now then when this ordeal began and stuck alone in the middle of some much chaos with uncaring staff is disgusting!!! Get your act, together Hartford Hosptial (in the last week)

Being a local funeral director I am absolutely appalled with the way that Hartford Hospital handles people who have passed away. This is the only hospital where he takes anywhere between 15 hours and 48 hours until I loved one is released to the funeral home so that their family can have the opportunity to see their loved one. After someone has passed away it seems the doctors write them off and could care less about authorizing the death certificate and allowing grieving families to begin to heal. Their “culture of caring“ seems to end at the time someone passes away. Please do your family a favor and do not be a patron of this heartless institution (5 months ago)

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