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Hartford Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hartford County, CT.

Hartford Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hartford Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I am not a fan of hospitals, the doctor's office, or taking medication, so when I got pregnant with my first son I was terrified of being in the hospital and under the "control" of doctors. I felt that I would not be able to advocate for my own body against their judgments and that they would do what they thought would be most time efficient to get me in and out of the hospital without much care or consideration for me or my growing family. However, after my experience at Hartford Hospital my views on the medical industry have completely changed and have been restored! I was in awe of the care I received at Hartford Hospital in both their labor and delivery, and postpartum units! Even though we worked with a rotating shift of nurses, doctors, and aids (which I imagined would be very difficult) everyone, and I'm not exaggerating when I say EVERYONE, was so considerate of what my husband and I needed while giving birth and while learning how to recover from our labor! And each team member transitioned so well to the next! Each person we worked with was knowledgeable, could answer our questions, was professional, and extremely kind! Both the doctors and nurses never pushed what they thought was best, but were VERY considerate of what I wanted during labor. I never felt pressured, but was always offered many options. By the end of our fourth day it felt like the staff there were family members! The lactation consultants did everything possible to make sure we felt prepared and confident leaving the hospital. Everyone reassured us that we were not alone and made the transition from our wonderful hospital stay to back home very smooth! I could not be more happy with and thankful for the beautiful team of people that worked to bring my son into the world! It really took a whole village to birth our baby boy and Hartford Hospital was the perfect place! (a week ago)

EVERYONE was very welcoming! I felt like they actually genuinely cared! I’ve been placed where I was treated like garbage so this was wonderful! Dr. Vinnie and Dr. Robin with my absolutely wonderful nurse Laylyana made my visit/ stay comfortable! Thank you for all your help and thank you for caring enough to do all you did to find the issue to my weird health issues. I will forever be grateful ❤️ (2 weeks ago)

My mother was in the hospital twice within the past three months. Both times her personal belongings bags were missing. The result of the first incident her bag was found and we had to go to the nurses' station. As for the second incident, her bag, which had her house key in it, was not in her room but it wasn't noticed it was missing until she was home. I called the nurses' station, they couldn't find it, lost & found couldn't find it either. Her care at the hospital was fair as far as the staff goes. Very slow getting her a bedpan or taking her to the bathroom. When she requested Tylenol she'd have to wait & remind a nurse again. I understand they are extremely busy but they should try to be more timely taking care of their patients. (a month ago)

The Orthopedic team we had was amazing, did a perfect job setting my wife's wrist. Five stars on that part, couldn't be more pleased! Unfortunately, the emergency room is an emergency room, expect strange wait times (triage is hard, and you may not have top priority). They also (like all emergency rooms) sometimes have trouble re-joining families after a transfer. (2 months ago)

I’m absolutely appalled at how my brother was treated in the emergency room yesterday. APPALLED. Your staff should be ashamed of themselves, and the head of the hospital embarrassed at the “care” in which they give patients. I wish I could give zero stars as a rating. He came into the ER, via ambulance, with a neck/back injury. Not only was he initially misdiagnosed by the resident doctor (good job doc), it took hours for a real doctor to come in and say that yes....he actually fractured his vertebrae. He was sent for an MRI and those careless staff were misinformed saying he didn’t have a fracture and they were handling him and moving him in a painful way. Actually let his legs fall off the table and then telling him to lift them himself. HE HAS A FRACTURE IN HIS SPINE AND IT’S PAINFUL TO DO SO. Are you kidding me?! Then once the MRI was completed, he was placed back in his room for hours with not a single soul checking on him. After several hours, he stared yelling for someone to come in and help him. They left his call button on the table so he couldn’t even use it. Not that it mattered because the call button was pressed several times prior and his joke of a nurse was too busy chatting about his weekend and wouldn’t even come in the room. He was given no water, food, NOTHING. He asked for at least some water and was told sure and what do you know....NOBODY EVER BROUGHT HIM ANYTHING. He was discharged after 12 hours and left in the waiting room in a neck brace and hospital gown (because they cut his clothes off upon arrival) to wait for pickup. He finally got himself a drink of water from the sink in the bathroom because shocker.....nobody would even bring him a cup of water. Your hospital is a joke. What’s even better....he’s a Marine Corps. veteran and this is how he was treated on Memorial Day. I will never ever step foot in this disgusting place ever again. (a month ago)

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