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Harrison County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Harrison County, IN.

Harrison County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Harrison County Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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We had such a good experience in the ER with friendly and helpful staff. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. (3 weeks ago)

I was rushed to the ER when my water broke prematurely. The staff was beyond fantastic. Unfortunately I had already began to miscarry so they couldn't save my pregnancy. But, they did help me deliver my son. Every nurse who saw me was beyond sweet and compassionate. The doctor was amazing and kind. They treated my son as a true baby, even letting me and my husband hold him and say goodbye. They stayed on top of my pain and helped keep my bed clean and dry. The anesthesiology knew about my genetic condition (ehlers danlos syndrome) and gave me the best surgery prep care. Dr. Dunn did my d&c which has made my experience coping at home much easier. Everyone tailored my care to me personally. I really felt valued and respected. Given the grim situation I couldn't have had a better experience. The care and compassion I received has greatly helped me start my grieving process in peace knowing my son was born respected as a child not just a fetus. I can't thank everyone enough for their comfort and care. (a month ago)

Going to ER was not my choice for an allergic reaction. However, AFTER HOURS, the lady at the window told me they wouldn't see me, I had to go to the ER. My lip and eye were swelling. Upon arrival to HCH-ER, I had my dtr to sign me in. The receptionist told me and dtr. to have a seat, ER would come and get me when ready. There were two other people in front of me. Not once did a nurse triage me or the other two either. A man came out and calmly called a name. The 3rd time was me. By the time I was called back I was getting rather anxious. My lip is apart of my airway(that's why AH wouldn't see me). I assumed who was a nurse that appeared as my dtr transferred me from my wheelchair to the ER stretcher. The first words out her mouth was"she don't look out of breath to me." She was RUDE to say the least. This nurse or whoever she was did not even look at the oxyimeter when she said that. Now HCH you built the big new hospital, everyone was so proud. We even had a brand new triage room. To be used for training pts. waiting to be seen in ER. That triage room will save HCH a law suite. Just like letting your receptionists do the training of walk-ins to be seen in ER. Just what does it take? It's not if but when. Also, what happened to your ER Board Certified Drs. HCH certainly went to hell once they left. Now you don't know who it is. Is is treating you. Shame on you HCH you have a beautiful facility and some excellent staff, but you don't hold them all to the same standards!! (3 weeks ago)

I have had to use their emergency room services twice. First time, I was kept waiting in the lobby for 2 hours and when i was finally seen tevieved no medication or fluids for my condition therm sent home amd received a huge bill for them to basically just let me sit in the ER. 2nd time I alerted my doctor ahead of time to my medical problem and had hardly any wait into the ER. The staff was very considerate and attentive. The hospital stay overnight after surgery was quiet and rather pleasant for a hospital stay. The friendliness of the staff compared to other larger hospitals was a big plus for me. Overall, despite a bad experience woth the ER previously, I still recommend this hospital for minor surgeries or medical condition. (4 months ago)

Wonderful staff, very professional! Had all my children here and had a great experience each time. Their ER was efficient and friendly, Imaging and mammography are very professional. TCU took care of my mother after her stroke and they were very caring and helpful. I would highly recommend this hospital! (9 months ago)

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