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SYLVA, NC 28779

Harris Regional Hospital is an 86-bed acute care facility located in Sylva, NC. With a longstanding reputation for excellent care, this fully-accredited hospital has ...

Harris Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jackson County, NC.

Harris Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Harris Regional Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Experiences have always been great. ICU staff was wonderful to my grandfather and family in a time that was extremely difficult. Everyone made us comfortable and took care of my grandfather to the utmost of their ability. Anytime you are in the hospital people are always around to assist you can constantly ask if you need help. The hospital is always evolving and growing, looking for new ways to serve their community. (a month ago)

I would give it a zero if possible and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I went into the ER tonight because I busted my head open on my carport. This is the second time I’ve seen Mrs Jutte and again it was a bad experience. She barley looked at my head and sent me on my way. My head is still actively bleeding. The last time I saw Mrs Jutte I had a bacterial infection in my ovaries and she said I had a STD and wouldn’t help me with the pain I was feeling to the point I couldn’t stand. I saw a OBGYN the very next day who couldn’t believe the awful treatment Mrs Jutte showed me. I can’t believe that with my head bleeding I still got awful treatment from the same lady. (2 weeks ago)

On 6-24-18 my husband was taken to ER by me within 35 minutes of a stroke. I did the registration process for him (no paper copies were given to us). He had a CT and MRI, and was admitted and then released Wednesday. We were told he had a TIA. Discharge papers were incorrect as to instructions and medications with a doctor's name on the document. We never saw this doctor once, only nurse practitioners and I questioned the np about an actual MD seeing him. I was told the np communicates with the MDs, but they could not give me any names. He was then scheduled for an esophageal echo of his heart and I then asked who the cardiologist would be and was finally given a name. The procedure was scheduled for morning and didn't happen, then we were told the cardiologist didn't know he was doing the procedure as he wasn't notified. He had the procedure the following morning and released that afternoon. I had him back to Harris ER the following day and we were sent home. The next day he asked me to take him to the VA ER (1 1/2 hours away). In that ER they repeated the CT and MRI showing no further changes from the ones prior, an opthamologist was brought in as he had vision problems while in Harris from the stroke. We were told he didn't have a TIA, but a full blown stroke. We were sent home and the next morning he had grand mal seizure and air lifted to Mission Hospital in Asheville where we were told he was misdiagnosed by Harris and protocol is for Harris to contact Mission and have him transported to their stroke center. He was admitted to Mission, had carotid artery surgery for blockage and is doing very well now after wasting so much time with Harris. Never, ever will we go to Harris again or recommend them to anyone. We learned the hard way, even after many others locally warned us. (a week ago)

Had my surgery on Wednesday by Dr. Kelischek. From the very beginning everything was organized and smooth. After surgery, the Harris team on floor 3 was fantastic. Kayti, Kate, Becky, Megan and a few others that were there while I was groggy from surgery made my stay wonderful. The ones I spent most of my time work was Kayti, Becky and Megan. All the the staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. I could not have had any better experience. Dr. Kelischek really did a great and thorough job on my surgery as well. Thank you!!!! (3 weeks ago)

I would advise anyone seeking medical services to travel to Waynesville or Franklin instead. I have personally and objectively have had negative experiences with Harris Regional in Sylva. I have, on numerous occasions, watched the staff in the emergency room violate HIPPA laws. Furthermore, I have personally watched staff mock and demean patients on several occasions. It would be unfair to review the entire hospital as negative, but my only interaction has been with outpatient services and personal observations. I would encourage public relations at Harris to take this review to heart and hold a staff meeting to remind employees of their duties. I am deeply saddened by the current state of the hospital and hope that this and the many other reviews (that mirror my experiences) will speak volumes to the community. If your loved one is in need of dire/critical medical treatment or services, don't risk their well being by taking them to Harris. Go somewhere else! Your loved one's life might just depend on it. (a month ago)

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