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NEW YORK, NY 10037

Welcome to Harlem Hospital Center: Harlem Hospital Center is a 286-bed hospital that provides a broad array of preventive, primary and acute care services including ...

Harlem Hospital Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in New York County, NY.

Harlem Hospital Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Harlem Hospital Center is a government - local hospital.

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Such a horrible hospital. I am a 11 weeks pregnant patient and this is my first child. I was told if I seen any blood or cramping to go to the hospital and that I should be treated Immediately I got here at 8:30 pm I waited 20 minutes just to see a registering nurse. I got to the back and they left me sitting in a corner for about 40 minutes. By the time I got to a room it was 10:04 pm. The room was disgusting! The was dirty alcohol wipes with blood on it on the floor in that room. I was just highly up set then I didn’t even have a bed by the time I got a bed it was 12:19pm. The staff is extremely slow I am a worried mom to be and I felt like nothing is being done fast enough for me to know if my baby is ok! and they left me uncomfortable for hours! Harlem hospital SUCKS! (2 months ago)

my mom is in the ER as i put this review... i live in a different state, so i cant do much... call the ER because she said her throat feels tight n she cant breath right. the person on the phone tells me what do i want her to do... then say well let me tell the nurse... but doesnt even ask for my moms name (2 months ago)

The 12th floor is the best professional, friendly, funny, courteous, just plain amazing. Made my husband feel so comfortable. The doctors were great as well also the sign in employees. If i could give 10 stars i would, we had a great experience. (3 months ago)

Don’t come here for prenatal care! I came here January 2nd to have my “first” prenatal appointment. All they did was have me pee in a cup, put a test into the urine and say “you’re pregnant”... well no duh I could have told you that from the dozen tests I’ve taken in the past two weeks (I waited till I was 8 weeks to be seen as I have a history of early miscarriage). They scheduled my first actual appointment for two weeks later, despite the fact that I was high risk and would most likely need progesterone if I wanted to remain pregnant. I came in for my appointment two weeks later and was told that they DID NOT take my insurance, the same insurance I had at my first appointment. I explained that I was high risk and asked why no one bothered to say anything about my insurance at my first appointment... they had no answer. Their recommendation (despite my offer to pay out of pocket, to which they declined) was for my to switch insurance companies and come back next month after the new policy starts. Christ... (Note: I’m 12 weeks pregnant at this point. I switch insurance companies and come back a month later (now 16 weeks pregnant). The appointment, from arrival to getting to see a doctor, takes THREE HOURS. During this time I meet with multiple people who push me to 1) opt for a natural birth 2) opt to breast feed 3) sign up for a doula 4) sign up for WIC (I’m not on Medicaid nor qualified for WIC) and they also have me meet with a social worker (the hell...?) who asks me questions about my home life. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m pro all these things but when I said I would opt for that but be open to c sections, formula, etc. should the preferred route not work out, I was given a very stern lecture about what is and is not best for my child. The f...? Finally I get to see the doctor! Oh wait, they are too busy and I get to be seen by a non-ob physician who is helping out for the day... great. The doctor was actually very nice, gave me a Pap smear and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. The doctor sympathized with me and actually gave me a folded up piece of paper with OBGYN recommendations for care somewhere else lol. I asked for an ultrasound to confirm the viability and make sure the fetus is not ectopic to which I am told that they do not do any ultrasound till past 18 weeks. That’s a huge liability! The appointment ends with me getting blood drawn and the phlebotomist complaining that I did not share my rice crispy treat with her (I get light headed and need sugar or I’ll pass out from a blood draw). I finally left the hospital at 4:30 pm... my appointment had been scheduled for noon and I was not seen till 3 pm. Apparently people who go here for care do not work or have anything to do besides sit around for three hours. A month later (20 weeks pregnant) I finally get my anatomy scan (FIRST ULTRASOUND AT 20 WEEKS!!!!! Highly unusual.) Luckily, the ultrasound tech was amazing and the machiene was the BEST and gave the most clear ultrasound images I’ve ever seen! Note: As I write this I’m now 32 weeks and have now had ultrasounds at 4 different places and Harlem was the BEST image wise!) The odd thing though was that the tech was also pregnant and I asked where she was having her baby and she responded with a hospital in the Bronx (maybe two miles away). Now, if I worked in a hospital and knew the doctors and facilities well and insurance isn’t a factor (Harlem takes practically everything except Empire) then why would I have my baby somewhere else? I got my pretty pretty pictures and found a different doctor! A week later I saw my doctor at Advantage Care Physicians on the UES (Lenox Hill for Labor and Delivery). I also submitted release forms for Harlem to send my files and tests to my new doctor. After numerous requests being ignored, my doctor got tired of waiting for Harlem to release my files (it’s literally a 5 minute process done via fax) so I had to re do every single test and procedure I had done at Harlem for my prenatal care. THANKS HARLEM HOSPITAL FOR BEING A HUGE PAIN IN MY BUTT! (a month ago)

Most culturally hospital. With a gallery inside and showing the history of African America. Great architecture. (2 months ago)

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