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HARLAN, KY 40831

Harlan Arh Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Harlan County, KY.

Harlan Arh Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Harlan Arh Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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"Wouldn't recommend!" While staying there, In the hospital. I had my things to be used by one of their employees.."Namely my Phone." As well as other things. Will not be returning, there for treatment again. (5 months ago)

They do let people die. I know first hand, back in 2009 they allowed my mother to die. She was admitted with a touch of pneumonia in 1 lung 4 days later she was gone. The doctors don't have a clue. Upon her arrival, the Dr on call told my father he thought she had a ruptured bowel, no MRI, CT SCAN. Just a hunch? She DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING WRONG INTERNALLY. They kept her "sedated" the day after surgery. She never woke up. SAD STORY. (a year ago)

Letting people die is sick. They all asume the patients are overdoinsg on drugs. My 17 year old sister had chest pains. they basically let my whole family watch her die. This hospital should not even exsit. I am not no doctor but, i can tell the difference when someone is ODing and when someone is actually sick. Either way, if you made an oath to some some one no matter what cost, it shouldnt matter if they are overdosing or having a heart attack. You are sick bastards (a year ago)

I passed out and my blood pressure was up to where I was close to having a stroke. I sat in the ER for 9 hours before I was seen, they ran tests and 3 hours later the dr. Tells me there is nothing wrong with me. 12 hours waisted for someone to tell me there is nothing wrong. On the plus side the nurses where nice. Go to Whitesburg or Lexington it's worth the drive. You actually see a dr. Who knows what they are talking about. (a year ago)

Absolutely awful. Hospital staff discussed the stomach virus they've been passing around amongst themselves right in front of me, in great detail. Disgusting. Horrible to hear that they are treating people because in the food industry, you can't work in those conditions, so I do not see how treating sick patients would be any different. Go somewhere else if at all possible. (2 years ago)

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