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Hardin Medical Center: Hitting the Target by Focusing on the Near Misses. HMC CEO Nick Lewis selected to head up the Hospital Alliance of Tennessee

Hardin Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hardin County, TN.

Hardin Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hardin Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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I have been to this hospital a few times and they have only helped me once the nurses are amazing but the doctors are very rude and act like I am going crazy because I am having pains around my right breast and under my right rib and they tell me that it is due to the fact that I am constipated when I have had a retired nurse tell me that it is my gallbladder!! Along with other people who are in the medical field.... Needless to say go somewhere else they don't do anything for you hell they sent me home still in pain (a month ago)

I honestly don’t even give this horrible horrible hospital a one star, they truly deserve none especially the doctors there. I’ve been going there for 4 years now (not by choice) and every doctor has diagnosed my children with the wrong diagnosis! But what has me mad the most is this morning I took my six month old child to get swabbed for flu & rsv to rule it out...because in his early months he was hospitalized in a children’s hospital for rsv so of course I came to get him checked with his only symptom of being a runny nose and crankiness. This doctor DID NOT SWAB OR DO ANYTHING BUT CHECK HIS VITALS AND WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM AND CAME BACK WITH DISCHARGE PAPERS WITH DIAGNOSIS THE FLU AND PERSCRIPTION TAMIFLU. You have got to be kidding me...prescribing my child, my baby to take a medication you have no idea if he has. And their response was....”were just going by symptoms since were running out of flu swabs. Are you kidding me!!! So you’re going by he has the flu with his only symptom is having a runny nose. Wow You’re a hospital this is my child’s life and you can’t even diagnosis him properly. This place needs to truly be SHUT DOWN! (a month ago)

This place should be shut 2 year old went in because he has had diarrhea and nausea for 5 days. Instead of running a test on his stool and giving him fluid they gave him popsicles and wanted to test him for a UTI. Absolutely absurd. They obviously barely passed med school. Do yourself a favor and drive a lil further to Jackson or go to Corinth. (a month ago)

You don't deserve the 1 star rating. Brought someone in exactly a week ago to your er with abdominal pain. You sent them home a few hours later with a blood pressure prescription and told him to go take some miralax and drink Gatorade. We did so and he's been in agony the whole week with about 3 hours total of sleep until this morning I had to dial 911 to pick him up. He's now being transferred to another hospital because they think it's his heart. You guys showed ZERO concern and did ZERO tests to see what was causing the abdominal pain. UNBELIEVABLE. It's more than apparent that you are just another hospital that only cares about money up front and not if your patients are actually ok. This is terribly sad and very angering at the same time. Folks if you're in need of true emergency services, this is NOT the place to go. UPDATE: Jackson general believes he had a heart attack and are still doing tests to see if he needs a stent. They said you guys NEVER should have sent him home, you should have had him transferred to them. So I guess you guys wanted him to die? This is far from over and you haven't heard the last from me. Folks do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this hospital as possible!!!! (2 months ago)

You're much better driving the hour to either the Florence, AL or Jackson, TN hospital. These people are the worst. Go here if you want absolutely nothing done for whatever you're suffering from. If you aren't dying you are far better off waiting for your doctor office to see you or trying to get in with a specialist in the area. Personally, I would sooner choose death during the hour drive to another hospital than go here since they'll probably just kill you anyways. Took my husband here after he dropped something heavy on his foot. We took him to the ER almost immediately after. His foot had swollen to double the size and was bright red and impossible for him to walk on. He couldn't even put real shoes on to walk in the door his foot was so painful. They told him he was acting like a sissy after they did an x-ray of his foot and found nothing wrong. A week later after he was still in pain we went to the West Tennessee Foot Clinic (wonderful doctors and staff) and they immediately told him his foot was in fact broken and that if he had waited any longer to seek real treatment he could have required surgery to correct the fracture. More recently we took our less than one year old child here to seek treatment for a fever and inconsolable crying at 2 AM. The ER was once again WORTHLESS. They told us that she had an ear infection and sent us home. When I was finally able to get her into see her pediatrician they told us for a fact that it was not an ear infection and that there were no signs of it having been an ear infection. We've also had issues with other family members coming here and their (lack of) treatment, but that's not my business to be discussing. Absolutely worthless hospital!!! We know now to risk our concerns over crime rate in Jackson and just GO TO A REAL HOSPITAL! (5 months ago)

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