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Harborview Medical Center is expanding its specialty services, including eye care and neurosciences, with the opening of the Ninth and Jefferson Building, across the ...

Harborview Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in King County, WA.

Harborview Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Harborview Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Hospitals are never easy places to be; and not where you want to visit until you really need to visit. At that point Harborview is where you want to go. I work in Spiritual Care as a humanist chaplain for the hospital, and my experience is that of working with amazing staff, administration and clinicians who collectively try and care for the whole person; body, mind and spirit. If you come, you will be cared for! (in the last week)

The staff at Harbor View Medical were so amazing. My youngest son just had surgery and they have been so extremely helpful and caring. My son and I were very confident in the surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist team, and all the doctors that made my son feel comfortable and were nice enough to even help me, the nervous mom, feel better. I will highly recommend this place and gladly give all staff the best reviews. (3 months ago)

Although I have heard, in the hallways, many people speak of having many memories in this hospital, I have none. My life primarily has been in the Central Valley of California, not in Seattle. It was like I stepped into another world, somebody else's plane of existence--certainly not mine. Having no history of relatives beinb brought in to this hospital, when my daughter was brought here, life flighted from Montana to this sanctuary, for people with serious burns, This was all too new and too real for me. I speak now, not of my daughter, but of what I've seen around her by her and as I walked in-and-out of the hospital. The 1st people-- the security guards, not knowing why I was here or who I was they screen me just as if I was anybody else. The security guard helped me with my drink that I had in my hands and asked me to put my other things on the conveyor belt. I stepped through the electronic doorway and picked up my items at the end of the bill the security guard then handed me my drink and I was on my way. Although we engaged in nothing but very small chit chat I found them to be kind and helpful when necessary, and saw them firm and professional in dealing with people who needed to be screened away from the emergency room doors. I felt very proud at the men that work to protect the most vulnerable of the people who cannot protect themselves--all the people being treated in the hospital. I also saw hospital workers mopping the floors and scrubbing the floors and dumping waste baskets, I saw workers doing things that absolutely needed to be done to keep my daughter in the care she needed. As I went up and got to the top levels of the hospital, where the intensive care units are located, I finally arrived at the burn unit and the waiting room where I would spend many hours. With out a doubt the people I consider angels are the doctors and nurses in the burn unit of this hospital. Just as are the janitors, security guards, vendors, cafeteria workers, all the behind-the-scenes people. THEY ARE HEROES! I simply cannot say enough good things about these " peaceful" heroes who work here. Recommendation: if you or anyone you know is injured and needs to be in an ICU unit, especially a burn unit, I hope they have the good fortune to be sent to the Seattle Harborview Medical Center. (2 weeks ago)

I like the park areas near the hospital. Places to walk or sit. Good views. Hospital has a nice gift shop. (2 weeks ago)

My boyfriend broke his ankle in Washington and we are from out of state, but he went to this hospital and had emergency surgery. Everyone from the surgeons, to the nurses, to people at the front desk were phenomenal. They made this stressful time so much easier and we are truly grateful! (in the last week)

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