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Hancock Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hancock County, MS.

Hancock Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hancock Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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An ambulance brought my mom to the ER last night. There was one person waiting for a loved one in the back and one person checking out & paying her bill. The girl behind the reception desk was THE most unprofessional individual that it was abhorrent. I watched her attempt to open a locked bag an incredible amount of times. It was like she couldn’t figure out how to use a key. The woman she was helping was visibly frustrated. She typed in whatever she was typing so slowly that I could have learned to type in that period of time. She didn’t care. She made copies like the waiting room was empty. It was like she wasn’t working at an ER at all. I waited over 20 minutes patiently up until when she finished with that lady & decided to assist someone who had walked into her area (another employee) as though she forgot I was standing right in front her all of this time. It was appalling. Jobs are not so plentiful that an employee can afford to care so little. Even the nurses were fed up with her and suggested I call her supervisor. On a good note-My mother was treated relatively quickly and the doctor and nurses were very nice. It’s the process of waiting at the desk to be buzzed back while my mother was scared in the ER & that girl not giving two hoots that did me in. (in the last week)

Now that Ochsner has come on board, I'm seeing lots of smiling and happy employees! And, it's noticeable to me as a multi-patient. Keep up the great work, and please work on the ER. I know they can be as good as the hospital. *The ER nurse, Dillan, deserves a pay raise. Dr. Stanford from Gulfport MS was my ER doctor once when I had a kidney stone and he is awesome. Upon having imaging of my lower spine, back, neck, and knee, the radiology tech supports my horrid pain which should have been supported by last ER visit with rude N.P. that wasted time and money for all. If she doesn't want to do her job, then she should quit! I wasn't crying cause it tickled. She asked me at least 5 times what was wrong in the same breath. She obviously has memory issues. I told her x-ray wouldn't show problem for disc and nerve compression. Plus, patient relations lady said it wouldn't either. So, I went to see my physician whom ordered imaging and I have major problems causing my pain. The ER NP just wanted to Not do her job!!! (a week ago)

Rats in the cafeteria, roaches , noone cleans the patients room or floors on a daily basis. Nurses refuses to bathe patients and help them to the bathroom, saying its not their job. Wouldnt bring my dog there. (a month ago)

I have had a number of surgeries here as well as 2 tests requiring surgery. I have always been more than pleased with the way I was treated and with the outcomes of the procedures. The staff are very professional and friendly and I have absolutely no complaints, besides if you're there early enough the hospital halls smell like bacon which is a very good thing. It made me feel like I was home. The check in procedure goes smoothly by very friendly office people. There can be a wait for doctors, but this is not the fault of the hospital and one of my longest waits was caused by an emergency which was very understandable. I really like this hospital and feel like I'm in good hands whenever I'm there. (9 months ago)

It's like pulling teeth to talk with an individual when calling this hospital. Face-to-face is better, but I can't drive over every time I need something for another Doctor, especially if Im at another Dr's office. (4 months ago)

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