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DALTON, GA 30720

Hamilton Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Whitfield County, GA.

Hamilton Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hamilton Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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I started receiving a bill from Hamilton Medical Center January 2018 for a service that was not rendered there. But it was a lab service that I did not know was sent there for a date of service August 2017. I had to figure out why I was being billed. I called the billing service every single month and explained that they did not file the claim correctly. I gave them the correct information over and over for 7 months. They said they would file it but they did not. They refused to call the ins company. I called the ins company every month as well, the ins company refused to call the facility, just said have them refile a corrected claim. The facility gets a "remit" every time they file a claim, it explains if the claim was paid and how much, or if it was denied - why it was denied. Last month The ins company was supposed to take care of this issue and send the facility a letter to stop billing me and they were going to process the claim. TODAY I GOT A LETTER FROM A COLLECTION AGENCY. BECAUSE THESE LAZY PEOPLE DO NOT DO THEIR JOBS I AM SENT TO COLLECTIONS! The billing dept spent more money billing me, and talking on the phone with me, and supposedly sending the CORRECT information to the claims filing dept, and refiling the claim for 7 months, costing them more money than the amount of the bill. You need to hire competent people that are trained to do their job RIGHT! So once again I am on the phone wasting my time because they are INCOMPETENT!!! (in the last week)

Walked in with an eye injury lady at the front desk was conversing with someone else before handing me a clip board:/ the wait wasn’t too long. As soon as my name was called the nurse took my vitals and left me in a room until another person came and told me I probably had an eye infection (without ever looking at me or my eye just typing away on the computer) afterwards the doctor who attended me used a regular small light to evaluate the conditon of my eye; he gave me eye numbing drops and said I should follow up with an optometrist he also prescribed medication but it was all too brief and I had to read the papers given to me to actually figure out what was wrong, all in all the experience seemed like the staff didn’t care and just wanted to get the job done. (a week ago)

Just left there. Came in with severe back pain went to the back quick then was put in a wheelchair and placed in the T4 exam room. Once i was seen it wasn't a doctor but a nurse practitioner named Knox who got up and left to talk to someone while I was telling her what was wrong with me then they gave me two shots and an x-ray and prescribed me flexaril. And when I asked if they would prescribe me something for pain she said just exercising it will take care of the pain worst experience I've ever had. not happy whatsoever. Im still in pain. And to add insult to injury tje upper half of my back was hurting and on my paperwork it says lower back pain. (a week ago)

This hospital fails to evaluate properly violating civil liberties and keeping people against their will, without anyone consenting to treatment, just to collect money from insurance. They do not have anyone best interest at heart, causing more problems for the family. (a month ago)

There are 3 hospitals in a 45 minute radius of where I live. This is the closest one to me, we only come here if we think something is life or death. The bedside manor is atrocious, the staff are usually rude (with a few exceptions) the shortest visit I've ever had here was 3.5 hours. Also the "care" they provide is usually little more than a cursory inspection that a first year medical student could do they are more focused on getting you out than making you healthy again. (a month ago)

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