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OLNEY, TX 76374

Olney Hamilton Hospital. Serving Olney,TX &surrounding areas over 100+ Years. Mission & Vision: Hamilton Hospital will provide quality,primary,& emergency health care ...

Hamilton Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Young County, TX.

Hamilton Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Hamilton Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I have visited this hospital on 3 occasions. I am a retired US Army veteran. While in undergraduate school I worked in a hospital for 2.5 yrs. The local area that Hamilton Hospital supports should be very thankful and supportive of the great staff at this hospital, the caliber of care and the professionalism of everyone working here. Thank you Hamilton Hospital for the superb job you do in the community. (4 weeks ago)

The surgery department at the hospital needs a swift kick in the you-know-where! We were taking my brother in for his knee surgery. He had to be there by 7am. Upon arrival, we were told that his surgery was "bumped" to later that afternoon and that he would have stay "surgery ready" (aka: not eat or drink anything!) which he had been doing 12am. They did not call anyone on his contact list to let us know, and when we asked when the time change had been decided we received no answer. The surgery department did not even let the doctor know!!!?!?!? And I quote, "Oops. We dropped the ball..." Yes ma'am! You sure as hell did! WOW!!! (a month ago)

The practitioners and professionals are all so dedicated to their patient's health. They treat everybody as if they were their mother. I love being a patient and employee. (3 months ago)

The hospital is a duck pond. Went to ER by ambulance in excruciating pain from an injury, middle of the night/weekend. Unfortunately for me, I suffer from severe chronic pain and use opioids [prescribed by a pain management specialist, monitored monthly]. The doctors on call, one fairly new, one a long established practitioner, chose to withhold pain ameliorating medication just in case I was some drug-seeking junkie looking for a quick fix. Blood pressure, heart rate, respirations - not to mention the involuntary screams - were certainly indicative of a severe problem. Finally, they administered a small dose of a mild analgesic [certainly compared to my usual medications, which were ineffective at this time]. The pain eventually ebbed below the screaming stage, but began to wear off quickly. They eventually repeated the dose at my emphatic insistence. Next thing I knew, they were talking about admitting me to the hospital, which I declined with vigor. Despite my protests, a tech came in and drew pre-admission blood for testing, all while I was telling the doctor there was no way in hell I was staying. Finally it penetrated that I was leaving, demanding a plan for pain control to see me through until I could see my pain specialist. They recommended doubling my normal medications. I got relief finally, and my pain management doctor literally curdled when told. The "plan" was medically unsound and dangerous. They skimped on the immediate treatment [I checked the discharge papers for drugs and dosages - barely adequate to treat a headache] then told me to risk overdose without any oversight. If i refused their dreadful hospitality, well, I was not their responsibility. Others have commented on the overall attitude, level of care, etc. The negatives far outweigh the positives in my experience. Had I had any other resources available to me, I would never have gone anywhere near Hamilton Hospital or its merrie band of whatever. (a month ago)

Consistently excellent care. Fast and compassionate emergency room care. (5 months ago)

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